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 Boulder, Colorado, USA

Malcolm, leaps, whirls and dances ecstatically, in his bare feet, whilst skillfully bowing heart touching sounds from his amplified violin. The music, a powerful and passionate fusion, on violin and guitar, ranges from emotional interpretations of the classics to upbeat originals; Bach to the Blues


Malcolm Watson:
Virtuoso Violinist & Keynote Speaker.

“Malcolm Watson is an active swirling, transcendental violinist who plays and dances barefoot, dressed sharply in a white tuxedo, accompanied by a variety of acoustic-electrified guitars. His music moves him, moves his bow, and moves me tremendously. This is ecstatic music performed in ecstatic presence.” Greg Ozimek. Reviews & More.

“a spritely harlequin swirling around the stage whilst feverishly bowing his instrument, Malcolm Watson brings stage life to the violin in the same way that Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson does to the flute.” Eric Reiner OnStage Magazine

Born in England, Malcolm Watson was given his first violin at age five, commenced lessons at seven and was performing in public before the end of his eighth year. Considered a child prodigy, he went on to win a full scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music when just fifteen years old.

After completing his studies at the Royal Academy Malcolm left the classical world and joined the exploding pop scene, where his sensual, powerful and playful violin performance quickly earned him a recording deal with CBS. For the next couple of years Malcolm made his home in Paris, France, recording and touring throughout Europe.

In 1974, British Television shot a full-length documentary film, entitled “Busker”, inspired by the life and performance of Malcolm Watson. The movie, starring Malcolm, was filmed by the Academy Award winning cinematographer, Chris Mengies (Academy Awards: The Mission, Killing Fields).

With the arrival of his first son in 1978, Malcolm decided to follow a more stable and lucrative profession. He moved his talents from music to business and became a senior executive in the Oil Industry, living and working in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. He also devoted himself to in depth studies of his other great love, philosophy. Becoming a skilled trainer and speaker in the area of communications, motivation, and metaphysics; developing and delivering workshops on both a personal and corporate level.

In the early 90's, Malcolm moved to America and devoted himself again to his love of music. Touring, performing and recording with select guitarists, Malcolm created a powerful and passionate fusion that could be called Classical Crossover, though he prefers to call it Nouveau Classical. The music, powerful and passionate, ranges from emotional interpretations of the classics to jazzy originals; from Bach to the Blues. Malcolm, much to the astonishment and delight of his audiences, also added dance to his performance, leaping and whirling ecstatically, in his bare feet, whilst skillfully bowing heart touching sounds from his amplified violin.

Such is the emotional strength of Malcolm’s performance that many reviewers and fans have said that, ”Malcolm Watson does not play notes ... he plays feelings.” His music has healed, excited and inspired audiences worldwide. Unique and original as ever, Malcolm has sold over a quarter million CDs, just during his performances alone.

In another unique and original step, Malcolm combined his passionate musical performance with his inspirational speaking and training in the arenas of communications, motivation, and metaphysics. To the delight of the participants, he will leap up in the middle of a presentation, dancing with his violin; giving deeper understanding and connection to his spoken words. Several years ago he was featured in an educational TV series on Music and Math for Discovery Channel, and also wrote and performed a presentation of music and speech for Dr Deepak Chopra on his “ Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.”

Whether in concert, on TV, playing and speaking at seminars, performing at fund raisers Malcolm is sure to leave you feeling inspired, excited, and also at peace. His mission is, “to help others to let go of pain and suffering and reconnect with the experience of joy”. A standard accomplishment for this magically talented artist.


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Malcolm Watson
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Tears of Joy
Catharsis Infinity
Holographic Projections
Christmas with Watson & Edge


Live in Concert
Busker (A movie of the early life of Malcolm Watson filmed by Academy award winner, Chris Mengies-Killing Fields-The Mission)

Set List

Typically sets are 50 minutes. The act has 3 full sets. However, sets can be any length, to fit the clients requirements.

The pieces are a mix of classical compositions that have been rearranged for violin and guitar, and original compositions that range from lyrical to upbeat.

Song List, Classical:
Canon in D, Romance,Love Song, To Francisco, Lagrima, Allegro, Orlando Sleepeth, Matteo, Fernando's Theme, Wison,s Wilde, Promenade, Adelita, Reminiscence, Canary Jig, various traditional christmas carols.

Song List, Originals:
Fun in D, Tears of joy, K-Hi Tune, Opus, Cosmic Bop, Oceans, The Dream, The Universal Wish, Concord, tristan Chas, Autumn, Air Space, The Different Blues,The Rim, La Dance Mystere, Enigma, It is what it is, Evening Sunrise, Eye of the storm.