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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"They're cold, but got it goin' on. :)"

Last night saw the premiere of Mal De Mer at The Embassy. Mal De Mer is Kelly-Sue O'Connor led by her and assisted by her sea shanties, Matt, Ben and Peter. The show started off with Jesse of The Incidentals. It was him with a pick-up on an acoustic guitar and he sounded great. His tunes were not of Joel Plaskett or of Peter Elkas, but probably generic of any songwriter...only better. His vocals and choice-of-chords were worthy of giving anyone a complacent feeling. I enjoyed what I heard. No drink-in-hand needed for it, but almost everyone there did have one. Suckers.

Mal De Mer played 7 nicely-orchestrated songs of a folky, Irish twinge. To make things more interesting, lead Kelly-Sue decided to play a nasty prank on an old boyfriend who, in my opinion, deserved what was coming to him in a revenge plot to make him to look like a fool. A friend of Kelly-Sue's had taken rauncy photos of him as he posed in ridiculous positions. The pictures were duplicated, posted on the walls, and handed out to the crowd along with pens for the patrons to compse captions for whatever they saw. Some of the captions were hilarious, some were funny, and some sucked (mine). The guy looked like he didn't deserve to take his shirt off.

Anyways, on to the music. The band led off started off with some familiar Myspace songs that the crowd could agree with. Mal De Mer like to stay in one spot. Some like to jump 'n bop, but others like to stand-pat, maintain perfect posture and belt out tunes about "drying tears". I sat to the right of the band on a couch that Kelly-Sue had sweetly left out for me (thanks, again). I liked what I was listening to. I wanted to waltz with someone for 'Idaho', but I felt oblivious in the crowd and just decided to hear the newborn material.

In-between songs, Kelly-Sue would read the hilarious captions aloud and hand out prizes (twinkes). Mine were shit, so I didn't deserve any. "Man The Beast: 666" That was awesome. One pic showed him showing his wang. Quite frankly, I don't know why K-Ser or Missy wanted to take pics of...well, THAT. Maybe it was for this particular occasion, I suppose. I've learnt not to do anything like that because I'll get my ass sold to the public just like how K-Ser & Missy did it. They're cold, but got it goin' on. :)

I walked over to The Boat to see Ninja High School played a few songs. Every time I see them, they get better and better. The funny thing was that the left side of the room was a party of people (10-15, i think) who were participating in "Boat-e-okee". During NHS' set, it seemed like they became uninterested and left -- all of them. The Boat was left to the locals and regulars. Even though there wasn't too much of us, Trevor "Quaytar" Coleman decided to jump in and crowd-surf. Can't stop him. :)

It took 5 or 6 NHS songs, but I got sweaty and wrecked. Hard. Now that I FINALLY have 'Young Adults Against Suicide', I can get the lyrics down to most of the songs and see what all the hype is really about. After hiatus-ing with listening/following the group for over a year, I'm finally back in the NHS loop and want to stick with it. The album is fucking good. GOOD GOOD GOOD.
- Brampton Boi (Garry Tsaconas


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


We are Mal de Mer. We are all sick. Seasick.