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Almuñécar, Andalusia, Spain

Almuñécar, Andalusia, Spain
Solo Rock Psychedelic


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Maldoneitor @ Oficina de Turismo de Almuñécar

Almuñécar, Andalusia, Spain

Almuñécar, Andalusia, Spain

Maldoneitor @ BY LARIUS Restaurant

Almuñécar, Andalusia, Spain

Almuñécar, Andalusia, Spain



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Con cuatro trabajos independientes 
El Chamn: 
            Baladas bossa,blues, rock, spicodelic.
             Latin rock
El reino de la luz
             Album instrumental
No gastes polvora en chimangos
             Album doble, baladas, folk,rock sinfonic, blues rock.




The start of LUIS MALDONADO in music was in his hometown LA PLATA, capital of the province of Buenos Aires ; with a simple training; the doALEPH with guitarist and singer LUIS MIGUEL , a few mesesALEPH grew forming a cluster.
The ALEPH GROUP , was characterized from the outset that all issues were interpreted creations, and in Castilian with titles like , " walnut shells " , "I want to fly ", " Ritual " . "Pork eating " " Early Morning " "," Things "," girl and you're not "," will walk " etc. . When the band dissolved after two or three years of their training Lus Maldonado began a solo tour south of Argentina , playing in Bahia Blanca , beautiful Monte, Neuqun and San Carlos de Bariloche, When you re involved in La Plata festival in the amphitheater MARTIN FIERRO .

Along with the trio " MEGACUSTICA " still common in radio programs Province and University, where live music was an almost permanent subject , there and through this broadcast went out to play in different places the province of Buenos Aires , Lujn , Monte Hermoso, Bandfiel , etc. . Upon completion of this stage becomes solo travels to Uruguay in Montevideo playing as Brazil where he played in Curitiba , Sao Paulo, Rio and Cabo Frio. But there are some events that lead to the large flat bands Argentina to play as a guest musician with the band of LUIS ALBERTO SPINETTA one of the pillars of national rock; FISH RABID . At a concert at the Stadium Athens where AQUELLARRE FISH and acted as the culmination of the event a joint improvisation in which LUIS MALDONADO was the only guest musician who does not belong to any of the bands was made.

He was also with HEAVY ROCK . With the first bassist PATRICIO REY Y SUS Redonditos Ricotta , D. TOPO . ALOISIO , TUBES FERNANDEZ guitarist and drummer JOSENGO MARTINEZ, LUIS MALDONADO incorporated in flute, for a draft JAZZ -ROCK with the name of " Gnosis " . This band was in celebration of the centenary of the city of La Plata , opening for THE ROUND and later a concert at the Teatro Cervantes, besides show where they gathered their music, modern dance and films queues . After two years of this project decided to move to Spain , where he began to use the name MALDONADO LUIS AUGUSTO . Playing in Almucar on many occasions , as well as in Granada capital planks , Dragon Feast ( Orgiva ) , Motril, Guadalcazar and Source Ovejuna in Cordoba, also in 2007 gives two concerts in Madrid on PALACE .de Hielo. SALA Clamores y en BILBOROCK, Bilbao.Colaboration album "THE 13 DALIS"

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