Oakland, California, USA

Once described as "AC/DEVO", Maldroid's strategy for success is a combination of old-school Do-It-Yourself work ethos, mixed with the concept of the band being a moving, living, ever-evolving art project- more of a commentary on society than a consumer product.



Maldroid started as an idea in the Summer of 2006. By Winter, Maldroid was charting on specialty radio, appearing on Good Morning America, getting millions of views on YouTube and being courted by Major and Inide record labels. All this before ever sharing a stage or recording a proper song. Reality it seems is as crazy as the future we live in.

By 2007 the band had signed with Indie label FUZZ, released a couple of EPs, and graced nearly every stage San Francisco had to offer. Maldroid finished 2007 out opening for Modest Mouse, Spoon, Angels & Airwaves, Paramore and more at Live 105’s Not So Silent Night.

2008 saw the band release it’s long awaited debut full length and hit the road for a nationwide tour with The Phenomenauts and The AKAs. Fresh off Tour the band hit the studio and began writing songs for their sequel.

2009 got off to a rocky start when their label, Fuzz, folded. Label-less, Maldroid began recording tracks for their follow up and touring the West Coast. During this process the band began shedding members. But robots are resilient…

2009 ain’t over folks. A new record label, new members, a new look, and most importantly a bunch of new songs are coming your way. We haven’t been on hiatus. We haven’t been hiding out. We’ve been plotting and scheming and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got.

The Future is NOW. The future is MALDROID!




"Greetings From Norcal" - Agent Records, 2006


"Malfunction" - Self Released, March 2007 (Out Of Print)

"Oakland Lad's Club" - Fuzz Artists, September 2007

"Nevermind" - Fuzz Artists, February 2008

Full Length:

"Maldroid" - Fuzz Artists, April 2008


"He Said, She Said"
"Heck No! (I'll Never Listen To Techno)"
"You Can Have It All"

Currently streaming, charted on National Specialty Radio.

Music Video for the single won BEST MUSIC VIDEO in YouTube's First ever Cingular Underground music video contest.

All streaming audio/video available at:

Set List

45 minutes of the most entertaining rock show you have ever seen.


Devo's "Uncontrollable Urge"
Elvis Costello's "Pump It Up"
Oingo Boingo's "Who Do You Want To Be?"