La neta del rock... Rolling Stone Latin America. If you like to bounce, jump, sing, and just have a merry good time: this is it. A high energy, high impact band. Malecho is full of risky lyrics, an even riskier attitude, and a whole lot of talent. Concert after concert the fun remains.


Franklin Walerstein Frenkel was born in Mexico City on june 1964.


Founder of the controversial rock band Malecho, with two audio productions: Malecho 2002 and Rinoceronte 2006.

He can either play an acoustic guitar set by himself or with the whole band.

He has shared stages with artists like: Alex Lora y el Tri, Botellita de Jerez, Briseño Blues, Naftalina, Rastrillos OG3 and more. In places like: Zocalo Mexico City, Palacio de los Deportes, Foro Sol, Salon 21 and many more.

In 2007 he played several gigs in Spain.

He has written many songs about the daily news for Grupo Acir, airing them live during the program "Rompiendo el Silencio", starring Eduardo Salazar.

His actual projects are:

The recording of an acoustic album of duets, with musicians like Felipe Souza.

The recording of Malecho´s third album.

The creation of a musical play for children, based on a series of songs that weave a story set in a fantasy land. This work will be blessed, with the participation of over 60 musicians, of which, Mr. Abraham Laboriel has been the first one.



Written By: Franklin Walerstein

Cuando estas tu caminando
por la avenida,
y te encuentras con tu tio
en la tiendita,
esta tomando un refresco.
Un refresco de amor.
Es para el calor.

Luego llega la abuelita,
empujando su carrito
y contando historias,
de lo que era el ayer,
lo que ya se fue.
Es para no creer.

Hay miles de personas,
millones de personajes,
todos con sus fantasias,
todas muy finas.

Cuando estas en la cantina
tomando una cerveza,
y te pides una torta para acompañar
y te traen un chicharron,
con harto limon.
Es para el calor.

Luego llega la policia,
esta buscando al entrenador
del equipo de futbol.
La final perdio.
No metio ni un gol.

Hay miles de personajes,
millones de personas,
todas con sus propias historias,
todas fascinantes.

(Translated from Spanish)

When you’re walking down the avenue
And you find your uncle at the general store
He’s drinking a soft drink
It’s a soft drink of love
It’s for the heat

Then along comes the grandmother
Pushing her cart and telling stories
About what it was like in yesterday
That which has long left
It’s hard to believe

There are thousands of persons
Millions of characters
Everyone with his or her fantasies
They’re all very fine

When you are at a bar drinking a beer
And you order a burger to accompany it
And they bring you a dried pork skin
With a lot of lemon
It’s for the heat

Then along come the police
They’re looking for the trainer of the soccer team
He lost the finals
He didn’t make a single goal

There are thousands of characters
Millions of persons
They all have their stories
They’re all fascinating


Malecho 2002
Rinoceronte 2005

Set List

Acoustic set: (Von Frani with guitar, up to 35 min.)

Coprolitos, mi amigo Rich, Perro Negro, Isela, Depre, Novios, Malecho, Viejo, Berrinche, No me grites, Lobo, Rompecorazones, Pinche Perro, Torito...

Electric set: (the whole band, up to 80 minutes)

Rinoceronte, Hotel de la Muerte, Lobo, Asco, Guacamaya, Rompecorazones, Viejodos, Sin Receta, Jake, Mugrosita, Malecho, Viejo, Berrinche, Isela, Novios, No me grites, Torito, Viejotres, Viejo, Perro Negro, Judicial...