Malecia B.

Malecia B.

 Greensboro, North Carolina, USA


A native of Washington, DC, this 22 year old describes herself in these words: ambitious, determined, and above average (ADAA). As a young girl she always enjoyed singing and sang in a choir all the way up until high school. Her love of singing helped shape her into a poet and eventually, a singer/songwriter. Each song that she has written has its own melody to it. With a well-trained ear she can sense if a melody doesn't work. Her lyrics are sometimes gathered from situations that she has experienced but, oftentimes they are situations that have happened to the people around her.
Malecia strives to learn more about the art of songwriting so that she will continue to get better. Not one to always stick with the "norm(al)" way of doing things, she sometimes thinks outside of the box. Gearing to be a new force to reckon with in the music industry, she aims to show her unique style in writing with symbology. Her focus in writing is aimed toward the genres of Gospel, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop/Rap, Reggae, and Country.
"There are a lot of artists out there that are so upfront with what it is that they're singing or rapping about, and that's fine but, I want to make people think about what it is that's actually being said. I want to correlate what I'm saying to something else that will mimic metaphorically the same idea so when you hear it you're like 'Yeah that's hot'".-Malecia B.


This Song For You I Sing

Written By: Malecia Bynum

Verse 1:
I painted a portrait of a heart that was so in love
And I did this because well I don't know
It's showing my heart before
It was torn down and floored
Don't wanna speak no more
Cause I said so

And even though you think you really knew me
I guess I ain't got nothing on her
But baby best believe
We could've been happy (happy)

Chorus 1:
Go on and fly away with the birds birds birds
With the birds birds birds
Go on and fly away with the birds birds birds
With the birds birds birds

Verse 2:
And now that we don't speak
You've taken the back seat
Don't ask to get up and meet
Cause it's a no
But you keep on calling me
Texting me if I'm free
Why can't you just leave me be
Cause don't you see

That even though you think that you've got your way
I'm really the one that got it all
Say you wanna babe
What more is there you can say (you can say)

Chorus 2:
Memories can't be erased (erased erased erased)
But that's not this case (erased erased)
Your memory can be erased (erased erased)
E-R-A-S-E-D erased

We could've worked through this
I remember our first kiss
It was so passionate

But now we're not even friends
This issue we can't fix
There won't be a again (no no)

Imma leave you with this
For you the best I wish
In your accomplishments

Be all that you can dream
And rewards you will reap
This Song For You I Sing

Phase Me

Written By: Malecia Bynum

Verse 1:
You take my hand and lead me to
The other side of the room
It's hear you lay but is it cool
I wanna spend some quality time with you
You take off your shirt I take mine off too
We fitna get ready for what we're gonna do
I want you bad oh yes it's true
Got me screaming oh oh ooooh

Chorus (x2):
Phase Me
Phase Me
Phase Me oh baby
Phase Me
Phase Me
Phase Me uh ooooh

Uh oooooh
Uh oooooh

Got me screaming loud
We're moaning and making freaky sounds
We gotta pace and won't slow it down
Our bodies are spinning round and round
How do you do it, just tell me how
I'm mesmerized you got me at wow
It looks as though I finally found
My getaway spot, is where I'm at right now

Chorus (x2)