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"Dave: My favorite moombahton stuff regardless of what’s coming out is Kingman Fire, which is a collaboration of Pickster One and DJ Melo. They’re one of my ‘go-to’ records more than anything else. But there’s a lot of good cats coming up too like Minimaxx and DJEJ from New York, Paul Lee from L.A., the Moombah Mafia crew from Orlando. People are making records and keeping it interesting." - DJZ

"Interview With Moombahton Kings Nadastrom"

"EG: We can’t forget Ma-Less, another leg of what’s known here as the Moombah Mafia, including Dr. Kahn and Big Makk, you two know her pretty well too correct?
Dave: We know the entire Moombah Mafia crew via the moombahton scene and they’ve been big supporters of Nadastrom and moombahton music as far as I can remember. I love how they put on for their city and championed the sound their own way from the ground up. It’s inspiring." - Follow the Musik: Evolve Group

"Chronicles of a Crazy Cat Lady EP – Ma-Less [FREE MOOMBAHTON EP]"

"Moombahtoners both old and new, I present to you Chronicles of a Crazy Cat Lady EP by Ma-Less. For those of you unaware of the multi-talented artist that is Ma-Less, she is an Orlando, Florida based producer/dj who has just released a SUPER live and unique new 3-track EP of moombahton/trap beats that will get you foot stompin’ and booty clappin’ no matter where you may be. I will admit that I slacked on not covering this EP the moment it came out, but let’s just say that it’s been a slow recovery from the crazy ear-ntercourse I had after my first listen of what this EP had to offer… So download this ish NOW and go crazy to this sexy ass new moombah!" - The Dankles

"Die Antwoord – Fatty Boom Boom (Remix) – By Ma-less"

Die Antwoord – Fatty Boom Boom (Remix) – By Ma-less
- So Simpull


"Good morning, Dsquared, it’s time to wake the fuck up to some squelchy dembow fire from Orlando, FL’s moombahtonista princess ma-LESS (pronounced ‘malice’) off of her brand new first EP “Chronicles Of A Crazy Cat Lady”. Heavy dutch-house synths and bubbles coat this track centered around a sassy sounding latina saying the sample the track has been named after, providing ample speaker-candy for you and your friends to shake your asses to while double-fisting Modelos or whatever it is you personally enjoy doing to moombahton. Grab the entire EP here at and don’t miss a move from this gal by going and liking her fb page at" - Dani Deahl

"Ma-Less Drops Her Debut EP and More!!!"

"Well it’s the middle of another beautiful week here at Moomba+ and some friends of ours have released some incredible music for your listening pleasure. At the top of that proverbial heap today is everyone’s favorite crazy cat lady, Ma-Less. She has debuted her first EP “Chronicles of A Crazy Cat Lady” and it’s available for free download. It cuts across club genres with three high quality tracks. One of the tracks is a super slick little trap number that mashes up Gucci Mane with Erol Alkan and Boyz Noize to give us “Lemonade Squared”. Good little moombahton fans who listened to Dance Harder Radio this Sunday on Moomba+ heard our own Tony Forns preview this track and saw the awesome reaction it got in the chatroom.

The other two tracks are also big winners. “FOM” is a transition track that is well done and can actually be used in your sets. Transitions are becoming so important and so many of them are boring, long-winded remixes that have little imagination. This is not the case with “FOM”. So for right now we increase the speed with Codes “Dying” and then decrease it with “FOM”. LOL. Do what you want but that’s this author’s plan.

The last track to review is a straight up slice of moombahton. I’ve always enjoyed Ma-Less edits so I was not surprised at all to enjoy this track. I also followed along loosely on line as she worked on these song and I do believe a lot of blood, sweat and hard work went into this freshman release just as she says in her track description on Soundcloud. And NO TEARS! Well maybe tears of happiness when she reads this article. Hey! A blogger can hope right?

1.) FOM – Ma-less (Transitional 130-110bpm)
2.) Ay Chuleta – Ma-less (Moombahton)
3.) Boys Noize x Erol Alkan x Gucci Mane – Lemonade Squared (Ma-less Trap Bootleg)" - Moomba +

"[Moombahton] Loud Flavor & King Kong & Kapo & Ma-Less & Mendez & Max Le Daron & Luke Da Duke & Codes Read more:"

"Lady – Twerk It (Ma-Less Moombahton Remix)" - Electro Bangers


"One of Orlando’s favorite DJ’s shares an edit she’s done and takes the time to answer a few questions for for our first interview. Download her moombaton edit of Lady – “Twerk” .

You can catch Ma-LESS every Friday in the Moombah Room for [Fuk'd] Fridays at Vain Orlando and to find out more about Ma-LESS you can visit these links:

1. How did you come across moombahton and what were you DJing before you were DJing moombahton?

I came across moombahton when my boyfriend showed me a blog post that had interviewed Dave Nada and had all of his first moombahton tracks (Moombahton, Riverside, Seductive Sound), I read the article and downloaded all the tracks, and I couldn’t stop dancing around my house, I was instantly hooked. Then during WMC in 2011, I went to the Blow Your Head party at Bar (RIP). I was late but managed to catch the end of Dillon’s set, Toddla T’s set, and Diplo’s set as well. I remember looking around and I saw wall to wall, nothing but mostly women dancing, it was hot, it was sweaty, it was sexy and just amazing. I completely fell in love with moombahton that night. I never really had an interest in DJing prior to that, but afterwards I had my boyfriend teach me. I was fully content on just making mixes for my own pure enjoyment, I had just started grad school and was primarily focused on finishing school and starting my career. BUT in July of 2011, I was thrown onto an event (Nite Vision) and ever since then it’s been this amazing snowball effect that has led to where I am today. I can DJ other music, electro house, kuduro, & even dubstep, but I started out with moombahton and it’s definitely what I enjoy playing the most.

2. Now that you’ve played in a couple of cities, how do you feel about the scene on a larger scale?

I had no idea how moombahton was being perceived on a larger scale until I went to the HARD Moombahton Massive in Miami during WMC this year. You ask around and people say it was the most banging party during WMC; it was sold out, it was packed, and the energy was absolutely insane. Seeing how much moombahton has grown in one year from Blow Your Head at Bar, where the capacity is what? 200-300 people? To selling out Grand Central the next year, I truly feel this is only the beginning and that it’s only going to continue to grow and grow. One of the things I love about moombahton and the movement, is there’s this strong sense of family, everyone is so chill, nice, respectful, and supportive of one another, and I just hope as the scene gets larger and larger we can continue to have that strong sense of family.

3. Moombahton is becoming very popular at a rapid rate – what do you think “we” as the direct contributors to the culture can do to keep it quality yet accessible to a wider audience?

I think we definitely need to push to pump out more original material, I know that is one of my top priorities on the production front. Anytime I encounter a “moombah-hater” if you will, that’s always one of their first complaints “moombahton is nothing but edits and slowed down dutch house,” and I think in order to sway these people we have to not only pump out more originals, but originals that absolutely blow people’s minds. I feel in order to keep it accessible to a wider audience, I think we all as a whole, just need to stay grounded, and just support one another, I think united, us moombah-heads are a force to be reckoned with, and by supporting one another, we’ll just keep the momentum going and in a positive way.

4. What is your favorite non-moombahton piece of music at the moment?

There are several things I’m into right now, and it’s kind of all over the place too. I’m really digging trap music, I’ve been playing it out lately and people seem really receptive to it, I love the vibes, and everyone seems to enjoy it. I always love playing kuduro, I got really into it after seeing J-WOW (from Buraka Som Sistema) in L.A., it’s just so much fun, and energetic, and the crowd always goes nuts. I’m one of the biggest supporters of Blood Eagle, they’re this heavy bass trash/maximal duo here in Orlando, and they’re so talented and so under-rated, so I’m always listening to their mixes and originals. And lately I cannot get enough of hardstyle, I know it’s way out of left field, but I flip out anytime I hear it. To me it’s just so much fun, but I’ve had this really bad habit of dancing to hardstyle in heels so I usually regret it the next day ahaha

5. Where do you want moombahton to take you and where can you take it?

I’ve only been DJing and producing for about 9 months, and in that short while moombahton has taken me on this absolutely insane journey. If you would have told me 10 months ago that I would be playing at WMC this year with some of the top moombahton producers in the game (Nadastrom, Munchi, Sabo, Heartbreak, Sazon Booya, etc) I would have told you you were absolutely crazy ahaha, it STILL hasn’t hit me how much has happened in this short amount of time. It’s been overwhelming, but I’m immensely grateful for everything that has come my way, and for the amazing people I’ve met over these past months. It’s been an amazing experience and I hope I can continue to keep at it and continue to play what I love not only locally but in other cities as well.

As far as where I can take moombahton, I’m still working on developing my own signature sound, but I want to push moombahton and just DJing and production in general for women around the globe. When I saw all those women dancing at the Blow Your Head party, I just knew that moombahton is FOR women. I’m not happy with my sets or my music until I see women dancing to it; it just makes sense, that dembow beat gets those hips swaying, I try and fight it myself and it’s impossible ahaha But who better to contribute to the sound than a woman? That’s where I feel I can contribute to moombahton the most, I’m just grateful that I’m not alone in my thinking, Viciouz Viv, Sarah Young, DangerGirl, and there’s a few more out there, we’re all pretty much on the same page on being prominent contributors as women to moombahton and to the movement as a whole. I just hope people understand what I’m all about and appreciate not only what I stand for but also the music I put out there. So far people have been immensely encouraging and supportive of me along the way, all I can say is that I’m truly blessed!" - Florida Moombahton

"[Moombahton Mega Overdose] Bounz & ETC! ETC! & Kinokoz & Tüko & Jon Kwest & Ma-less & Raydah & Ackeejuice Rockers & Sysmatic & DJ Broken Record & 2Deep & Zkosta & DropTek & ESSBEEDEE & Gooffee & King Kong & Foxsky & Dreadstemz & Wick-it & LA Yaute"

"Download: Justice – D.A.N.C.E. (Ma-less Moombahton Remix)" - Electro Bangers


"Hey everyone! What the fuck is up? We got some sick ass shit for you today! Alex Supremee and Walmer Motherfucking Convenience have teamed up to bring you the MommbaFreak EP. What the fuck is it? It’s like George Lopez smoked angel dust and had a party on the roof of a dentists office and everyone is huffing laughing gas and girls and guys are grindin’ on each other hard. That’s how we feel when we hear it. And you know what the best shit is? It’s all fucking free fuckers! December just got a whole lot hotter. Listen while you dance, while you brush your teeth, wash your genitals, have sex. It’s all fucking good. And joining that fucker Alex Supremee at the party are like a who’s who of the next American generation of moombahton. Modabot, fucking Mango Troops, Ma-LESS, and so many other fuckers. You know what? Why the fuck are we just talking right now. YOU SHOULD BE DOWNLOADING THIS TO PLAY IN YOUR SETS THIS WEEKEND. GO GRAB AND PREVIEW THE TRACKS AFTER THE JUMP FUCKERS!" - Walmer Convenience

"MoombahFreak EP"

"When thinking about moombahton in Chicago, Alex Supreme is one of the guys that is making a mark in the scene. His newest EP MoombahahFreak is his first realease and its awesome. Artists within the EP include Mango Troops, Modabot, Ma-Less, SeaofManny Twerkahton, Snowlin, DJ Sundae, and ZSonic." - Moomba +

"AUDIO : Alex Supremee “MoombahFreak” (Ma-LESS Remix)"

"Ma-Less was recently enlisted along with a slew of producers and DJ’s to take Estelle’s slept-on vocal snips from “Freak” and turn them into Tropical Bass anthems. She went the distance with a sexy Kuduro/UK Funky remix which breaks down into 110bpm Moombahton, drop in some hot moans to set the mood then pitches back up to 130bpm’s of big dutch style synths. Watch the drop… “Please Mister. Fuck Me!!” Cop it via Alex Supreme’s Soundcloud, along with the other remixes for FREE." - Beezo

"MoombahBooBs : Ladies Of Moombahton"

"From the Dominican Republic to Orlando, Florida’s first MoombahLady.

maLESS (malice) is a new female moombahton DJ in Orlando, FL. Raised in a home where salsa and merengue were frequently heard and influenced by the music of Blood Eagle, maLESS naturally fell in love with the sounds of moombahton." - Generation Bass


Lazy Flow – Tokyo Express (Ma-LESS Moombahton edit) by ma-LESS - Global Libre


Chronicles of a Crazy Cat Lady EP

1.) FOM (Original Mix): Ma-less (Transitional 130-110bpm)
2.) Ay Chuleta (Original Mix): Ma-less
3.) Boys Noize x Erol Alkan x Gucci Mane: Lemonade Squared (Ma-less Trap Bootleg)



Alessandra Roper is Ma-less (malice): a female DJ, Producer from Orlando, FL. Raised by a Jamaican father and Panamanian mother in a home where salsa, merengue, and reggae were frequently heard and influenced by the various EDM acts in Orlando, Ma-less continues to experiment with differing sounds, especially when it comes to Moombahton.

She’s only been producing and DJing for a little over a year and has already been featured on blogs such as Electro Bangers, Globalibre, The Hive, 110BPM, The Walmer Convenience Blog, and Generation Bass. In addition she’s been noticed in her hometown by being featured on the cover of Orlando Weekly’s “Drink” magazine in December of 2011 as one of “four of the newest local DJs to keep an eye on next year.” She’s been gaining attention with a weekly residency at Shake 'n Bass at Backbooth on Sunday nights downtown, as well as a monthly at Roxy Orlando called SWEAT. She has played in various clubs all throughout Tampa, Tallahassee, Orlando, and in Miami. She has shared the stage with many local acts such as Blood Eagle, Killagraham, Meaux Green, Quantum Theory, Winston Wolfe, Joey Paranoia, Cliff Tangredi, Somejerk, BigMakk, Frandomeda, Dr. Khan, John Debo, Trick Folexxx, Drop Lethal, Milo & Otis; and has opened national acts such as Sluggo, UZ, Ricky Vaughn, Munchi, Torro Torro, Team Jaguar, ETC!ETC!, Craze, Rell the Soundbender, DJ Blass, Tittsworth, Munchi, Heartbreak, Lazerdisk Party Sex, Sazon Booya, Sabo, DJ Sliink, David Heartbreak, Kid Cedek, Comrade de Xao, and Nadastrom.