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Malia @ Club Soda

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Malia @ Zigga Zagga Productions

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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This band has not uploaded any videos



EddyNPizzle 2009 Fashion Show "Sky Is The Limit"

Last night, I had the chance to go to EddyNPizzle's 4th annual fashion show "Sky Is The Limit" at Club Soda, Downtown Montreal. Edwin and Peter, cretors of EddyNPizzle, put together a fashion show where they showed the meaning of urban in the city. They were also raising funds for the Marie-Vincent Fondation. The ambiance was very cosy and everyone seemed to be having a great time with captain Eddy King as our MC and DJ Mohtorious at the dj booth.

The theme of the night was very well portrayed through the collection. We travelled all around the world through the seasons. This clothing line did another amazing job at defining urban fashion. Edwin and Peter showed us last night that EddyNPizzle was dedicated to everyone. I have to admit, they went beyond my expectations. It was very interesting, in this year's collection, the variety of looks that could be created with a piece of the line. I feel like over the years, they are trying to reach a broader clientele.

The models had so much personality and attitude. I really liked to see them on the runway. They weren't shy and looked like they were having fun. Although the female models weren't "size Kate Moss", they represented very well the average women. They were fierce and ferocious. on a side note though, a few of them needed some tummy-tucking, ab workouts and a 48-hour fast. The male models. What can I say. Do most of them live at the gym? I literally almost jump off the second floor on one of them (not on the SexySpec copycat). But, some of them really need to let go of the gangsta walk because it slows them down, especially at the finale. Overall, they did a good job!

The performances also amazed me. WOW!!! Juliane, Malia, Lukay, Fresh2Death, Young Krow, KmC & SP, Yungster, Mugz and their backup dancers (sorry if I forgot some people) blew me away. Honestly, I never knew until last night that we had such a high level of talents in the city. It was very nice to see all the Montrealers coming together to show us that we go hard. All that singing and dancing impressed me.

The singers were loud. The dancers were wild. The MC was crazy. The DJ was scratching. The model were fierce. The collecton was exquisite. I hope to see more and more people rocking a piece of EddyNPizzle. Like Lukay said: "We need to put Montreal on the map." -

Malia won a 4 page layout in Montreal's Influence Magazine September 2006 Issue. She was considered to be Influence's Finest and the one to watch out for that year. - Influence Magazine 2006


True Love (Don't Go)



Malia is a 23 year old electro/pop artist from Montreal. This Romanian girl has a twisted creative mind which won’t allow her to stop; success is inevitable, and is only a matter of time.
Malia always knew that music was her calling, and was therefore involved in theater and choirs from a very young age. A singer as well as a songwriter, Malia has always been inspired by artists such as Madonna, Lil’Kim & Courtney Love; all of them strong and independent women, who are blunt about their sexuality…just like herself. She attended an arts specialized high school but was not very interested in her studies, but she nevertheless continued on to graduate in English literature at Concordia University.
With the support of Hiness da Manager (aka Jessica Blakk from J Blakk management), Malia started recording non-stop for 2 years, gathering more than enough material for her first album. Photo shoots, shows, and travelling then ensued.
Malia has worked closely with artist/photographer Reesee from Zigga Zagga Productions, who is a close collaborator to the “Malia project.”
Major Leagz, an underground rap group from Montreal, has also collaborated with Malia on several occasions, & recorded many tracks together.
Malia’s album is set to drop in the summer of 2010, an album which will be the fruit of more than 3 years of recording. “It’s more than about time that this album drops, as I have evolved a lot since my early 20’s…it took a lot of time, we had some obstacles on our way, but now the timing is finally right!”
The album is partly produced by T-Mo (aka Tillman Moses) and will feature collaborations with artists such as Mugz, Major Leagz, T-Mo & Stein.
The dark electro album will be available on Malia’s official website as of this summer. Malia’s 2nd project, titled “Fuck around & get screwed mixtape volume 1,” will also drop in the summer. This mixtape is a collaboration with Montreal’s dopest female MC, Stein.
We will update you more & more in the months to come, as the release date approaches.
A new website, promo pics, video, & new myspace are to come so brace yourself & be prepared….cuz there will be no going back.
It’s Malia,bitches.