MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN

Unique, fearless, sexy & addictive! Being a songwriter as well as a singer provides me with the ability to paint the reflection of my emotions with language; the songs I sing are a reflection of who I was at a precise moment of my life.


Malia is a singer/ songwriter born in Montreal on January 5th, 1987. Having grown up in a household where music was Omni-present, she decided from a very young age that music was her passion. Inspired by Madonna she realized that singing and writing was her calling.She began singing in various choirs in elementary school and attended an arts specialized high school in Montreal along with Jam vocal school. Upon graduation from Dawson College in 2006 she enrolled at Concordia University where she studies literature. Malia has also been involved in cinema, doing extra work on many productions such as Human Trafficking (2005), The Covenant (2006), I'm not there (2007), Picture this (2008), as well as other Canadian productions. She also made an appearance in the September 2006 issue of Montreal's Influence magazine for being the artist to watch out for. The prize included a photo shoot and four page spread. Malia has been hard at work in the lab writting and recording her debut album along with collaborating with other producers and artist. The word about Malia is rapidly spreading through myspace which generates 5,000 + plays a days. She has been receiving request from industry professionals to work on upcoming projects along with modeling offers. MALIA IS A NAME TO REMEMBER !!!


Released on MYSPACE:
No Reciprocity
Trick Me
One Good Reason

Set List

No reciprocity
Read My lips
True love (don't go)
(30 min set)