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YouTube Sensation and People's Choice WinnerMillions around the country are falling in love with Malia. From the American Airlines Center to the House of Blues to a wildy successful debut on Good Morning Texas, Malia is gaining national attention as the best singer / songwriter of this generation.


MALIA -- YouTube Sensation, Musical Marvel and 2010 People's Choice Winner of the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest! And this just in . . . look for Malia's original song "A Corner" featured in the 2011 major motion picture, "Chateau Meroux."

Millions of people around the country are falling in love with Malia. From the American Airlines Center to the Dallas House of Blues to a wildy successful debut on Good Morning Texas, Malia is gaining national attention as one of the best singer / songwriters and musical sensations of this generation.

Island Hula Champion at age four, Malia is a born and bred country girl who was born on Kauai and is now 19. She started playing the oboe when she was ten, playing the primary oboe used by Joseph Robinson, principal oboist for the New York Philharmonic, who said Malia has one of the greatest sounds, so pure and honest, that he ever heard in a young oboist. She has since been first chair at Interlochen Music Academy, Texas All-State oboist, oboist for the Dallas / Fort Worth Youth Orchestra and has played all over the world.

Malia has performed in stadiums in Africa, Italy and Guatemala, opening for a legendary worship leader, Paul Wilbur. She sang some original songs and then played oboe and sang back-up for Paul. The crowds consistently went crazy for her. She started writing her own music when she was 15, mostly focusing on worship music, but decided last year that her style was different. The songs included here, a mixture of island, rock and country, are pure Malia. She is truly a musical marvel, playing guitar, ukelele, oboe and piano. Her live performances at The House of Blues, American Airlines Center and many other venues consistently inspire her fans to new heights. Malia now has over 400,000 YouTube views.

Malia is extremely close with her parents and little sister, Ariel, age eight. Malia loves to eat sushi and has a family of little garden gnomes currently living under her bed.

What others have to say about Malia

"In a word, GREAT!" Michael Rosenblatt, A&R Legend

Malia is a bright, shining star and a world-changer! Paul Wilbur, top-selling artist for Integrity Music

A prophetic minstrel who will impact generations. Sam Chappell, Sr. V.P. Business & Development, Integrity Music

Passionate, magnificent, honest and pure. Malia brings the sound of Heaven to earth. Joseph Robinson, principle oboist, New York Philharmonic


Goodbye Too Soon

Written By: Malia

Trying Goodbye~by Malia ©2009

Verse 1~
He is my favorite B-O-Y
With golden hair and brown eyes
He has my heart holdin’ its breath
I have him hooked on what’s happening next

Don’t wanna say goodbye too soon
‘cause I love bein’ with you

Baby, ba-a-a-a-aby you don’t have to worry
‘cause I am your lady
Baby we are so much stronger than most lovers
Distance has nothing on us

Verse 2~
I am his favorite G-A-L
With the brightest smile he knows very well
I have his thoughts in a mess
He has me daydreaming about the rest

A Corner

Written By: Malia

A Corner~by Malia ©2009

Verse 1~
Every time fall comes around I
Picture the way we used to be before you lied
If forgetting you really was that easy
Why does falling in love still seem so scary?

Ooo I had, I had
A corner in my heart
Waiting for you but you,
boy you never came through

Verse 3~
Every time I come around you
Pretend like you don’t know me
And have something to prove
If forgetting me really was that easy
Why do I catch your eyes dancing over me?

You can’t take back the words we said
Because they replay over and over again
When you come around, around, around


Written By: Malia

Voices ~ by Malia ©2010

Verse 1
One touch can guide a hopeless heart wandering in the dark
One storm can leave you shipwrecked
One word can start a war
One hand can lift you up from rubble, drowning you in the ground
One voice can catch a nation on fire
Listen to the sound

Pre Chorus
Silent voices, can you hear what they say

Innocence is draining from my eyes
Watch my selfishness wither to the ground
Can anyone see me
Can someone show me
You can never love too much

Verse 2
One ray of light can conquer the gloom in the sky
One kiss can leave you breathless
One star can lead you home
One stand of mercy can end hunger as a reason for dying
One voice can catch a nation on fire

Pre Chorus
Free me, heal me, can you hear what they say?

What is hope without passion
What is justice without mercy


Written By: Malia

Masquerade ~ by Malia ©2009

Masquerade Masquerade Masquerade
Masquerade Masquerade Masquerade

Verse 1
I’m Rockin’ silver lace and purple cat eyes
A mirror mask and hopes of you tonight
I’m with my girls all done up
To feel the music and come undone

Verse 2
Porcelain skin and leather French highs
Don’t mean much when you’re a queen on ice
And when I see you I start me believe
We were forbidden yet meant to be

Don’t speak
They say
They know me when the really don’t
You can see the real me when
We are dancing close

Masquerade Masquerade Masquerade
Masquerade Masquerade Masquerade

Verse 3
You are curiosity and magic in disguise
The only mistake I could make twice
You look down and I look up
We feel the music and come undone

Verse 4
Everyone’s watching and that’s nothing new
If I took off my mask what would you do
And when you see me you start to believe
I broke your heart but still have the key

When the lights are turned down and the people fade out
Alone in a room I still have you torn in two
What do I do

Masquerade Masquerade Masquerade
Masquerade Masquerade Masquerade