San Ramon, California, USA

We are a metal band. We have a mix of screaming and signing with thrash style riffs and solos with head banging breakdowns are riffs. With no "cookie monster" vocals and with dual harmony addicted guitarist we are the new definition of metal


We are a band that has music that can stand on its own. With heavy break downs, scorching lead guitar playing, destroying vocals, and thundering a drums and rythym section. Our music has lots of harmonies and synchronized pauses that not only we the band feel, but as well as the audience. We aren't aftraid to strart the mosh pit and we aren't certainly aren't afraid to slow it down with some clean interludes and bridges. The house is always moving when we are on stage. We have a typical draw of about 50-80 people per show. We love to preform, show people our music, and love to work hard for the pay offs of the crowds enjoyment.
Josh Peterson: Vocals
Grant Sherrod: Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Corey Suponcic: Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Tony Tooski: Bass Guitar
Kevin Mock: Drums
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Suicides are Seldom Seen

Written By: Josh Peterson

holy shit he's fucking dead
is this insane
my fatal being
dont bleed in vein
suicides are seldom seen
is this insane
my fatal being
dont bleed in vein
suicides are seldom seen

so close your eyes
turn off the lights
is that my life
behind the knife

behind the knife

youll see one day that you fucked up now im the one in the grave
youll see yourself and see how you fucked up such a mistake
youll replay what i said and relize its just too late
you shouldn't mess around when you the one to blame

Im done

Silence, now listen, ive proven a point dont miss it
silence, now envision, your life had you paid attention
sliced wrists, through precision, suicides are seldom witnessed


The Price is Wrong, Dethachine, , Suicides are Seldom Seen(SSS), Reprieve the Forgotten, Angel Tied Noose, This Tired Heart Lives, The Only Thing I Know

Set List

Suicides are Seldom Seen
The Price is Wrong
The Only Thing I Know
This Tired Heart Lives