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Malign 20 - The Rebirth of One Nation

The first of many artists to come, but one that will have an explosive impact within the Hip Hop community as that of 50 cent, the late Christopher Wallace aka the Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur (arguably the best rapper of all time). Ironically, Malign is a mirror image of the late Tupac Shakur prior to his pre - Makevilli stages of his career, before signing with Suge Knights Death Row Records. This era, which ,many define as the young Pac era, included songs that inspired a nation, made underpriviledged urban youth of all races attempt to strive for more in life through his conscience lyrics, garnered female fans abroad with ballads such as "Dear Mama", and made thugs cry. The streets were Tupac's sanctuary, but he was also able to cross over and be heard by millions by controlling the major airwaves, major networks, not only rap but also pop and R&B charts as well. Tupac Shakur was and still is the all time selling artist in rap history and will forever be missed within the music industry by millions of fans, within the U.S., internationally and by family.

Hence, "The Rebirth/One Nation", the upcoming album from the artist known as Malign 20....

Also the son of a former Black Panther, as that of the late Tupac Shakur, Malign is neither a cheap 2Pac imitation or industry gimmick, which so many labels have attempted to reduplicate by using voice manipulation in the studio or using archived samples of the legend himself. Although, greatly influenced by 2Pac as Malign respectfully admits, "Who doesn't aspire or want to learn from the best? If there were never a Michael Jordan (the NBA's greatest player ever), would Kobe Bryant (arguably the best player to date) even exist? Kobe admitted himself to wanting to be the best ever, and to be the best you have to study those before you and strive to achieve the same success and beyond. Michael Jordan was the blueprint and Kobe Bryant is the product of a generation prior. There will never be another MJ and there will never be another 2Pac but Kobe's impact on the game is undeniable! Like that of Kobe Bryant my impact on the game (the music industry game) will also be undeniable!" Without a doubt Malign 20"s debut "The Rebirth", will be the most controversial release of any album in rap history! Hailing from Southside Chicago, one of the hottest cities in the rap game, largely due to the recent success of Roc-a-fella Records Kanye West, Twista's re-emergence onto the music scene, and Common's consistency - this Windy City native will definitely add credibility to a city that is already on fire! The album will include production by Kanye West himself ("Hopes n' Dreams") and is certain to ignite a nation with street conscience lyrics, tales of struggle, and personal hardships. With an identical voice and delivery as that of the late great Tupac Shakur, Maligns album has been catergorized as "ghostly".

The spirit of Tupac Shakur will forever live on through his peers, fans, music, and family but Malign 20's release will deifinitely bring about the questioning of time.....

Can one's spirit be cast down from the heavens above and placed upon another to unify a nation once again through the universal language of music?

One Nation!