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Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico | INDIE

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Maligno – The Funeral Domine(2011)"

Maligno is a Mexican band probably unknown to the American/European doom public. With two (huge) albums already in their arsenal Maligno’s 3rd effort takes shape in “The Funeral Domine”. Indeed this album is proof why Maligno is one of the most underrated bands today.

First note: This album comes with the best cover art yet! It seems like the occult doom art style -largely inspired by the 70’s horror films- hasn’t left the band untouched…and that’s good!

Right from the first notes of “The Beginning” someone can sense that this is the rawest material of the band to date. The vocals sound furious and I found a tendency to move away from the high pitched style that reminds Ozzy. The band hasn’t lost its grooviness but certainly has reduced it to give room for of its classic heavy metal character to shine. Yes, in a way we are talking for an opening to more commercial song structures but Maligno has always been writing catchy songs. This reminded me something like what The Sword and maybe sHeavy did last year. Thus, the second song “Shine” is probably the most generic metal moment of the band. “Great White Trhone” continues in this raw style and quickly gives its turn to the best moment of the album which is “Transmutation”. Dark and groovy this is actually one of the best moments of the band overall. “Solstice” is a surprisingly classic Maligno moment and I say surprisingly as it includes the talents of Alex Skolnick from Testament and someone would expect this to have a more obvious impact. “The Curse” is another haunting Maligno song and another highlight of the album. The rest of the album continues in high quality standards! Even the acoustic “Coffin of Dreams” that features a well known Mexican guitar duo sounds quite interesting…actually it made me wonder what if Maligno would attempt to marry doom with traditional Mexican music…just a saying…

If I had to compare it with their previous albums I would say that “Universevil” still remains my favorite, but that is a photo-finish call. The fact remains that this band can write great doom/stoner shit. As always Maligno had a personal approach to the Sabbath sound but “The Funeral Domine” sounds even more personal.

“The Funeral Domine” is one more Sabbath child, their fathers would be proud…

P.S.: You can listen to the whole album free from the myspace and soundcloud page of the band! - drdoomslair

"Bands You Should Know: Maligno"

The Mexican stoner-doom metal act Maligno is preparing its third album, tentatively titled TFD, for a March 2011 release. The disc reportedly features guest appearances from acoustic rock duo Rodrigo y Gabriela and Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick.

The band's been around since 2005 or so, releasing their self-titled debut CD in 2006 and a follow-up, Universevil, in 2008. The debut has a very early '70s retro rock sound, including dashes of organ on "At Last" and a mastery of the boogie on the bluesy "Macabra" and the almost Wolfmother-esque "Slow Burn." Universevil is a more metallic feel; it's doomier and heavier, with much more Black Sabbath in the guitars and Electric Wizard-esque song titles like "Two Suns," "Astral Bacchanalia," and "Son of Tlalocan." The album ends with an 11-minute epic, "Bloodworld," that's pure Down-style doom...until the halfway mark, when it becomes a quite beautiful acoustic guitar piece. It's no wonder the Mexican edition of Rolling Stone voted Universevil one of the ten best albums of the year by Latin artists, or that they were invited to open the Mexican dates of Metallica's 2010 tour (along with Mastodon). Oh, and they sing in English, in case that's a concern for you - MSN Entertainment

"MALIGNO To Support METALLICA In Mexico - Jan. 19, 2010"

Mexican doom rockers MALIGNO will support METALLICA and MASTODON on the Mexican leg of their 2010 "Death Magnetic" world tour.

The dates are as follows:

March 01 - Guadalajara, Mexico - Estadio Tres de Marzo
March 03 - Monterrey, Mexico - Estadio Universitario

MALIGNO says in a statement: "We are truly honored to be selected and play with these great bands that have a very strong connection with our style of music and especially in our hometown Monterrey."

MALIGNO released its second album, "Universevil", on September 1, 2008 in Mexico via Iguana and Asenath Records. The CD was named one of the top ten albums of 2008 by Latin artist by Rolling Stone magazine Mexico, and it was honored in the "Best Metal Album" category at the Indie-O awards, which recognizes the best of independent music in Mexico.

"Universevil" was recorded at La Nave studios in Monterrey, Mexico and was mastered by Alan Douches (MASTODON, HIGH ON FIRE, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, BARONESS).

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Maligno 2006
Universevil 2008
The Funeral Domine 2011



One of the greatest rock band over Mexico of all times, their talent had take them to share stages with bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, Megadeth, Testament, Voivod, Blind Guardian, Cathedral, Deicide, Children of Bodoom and many more, t

2008 Rolling Stone name one of the top 10 albums by Latin Artists, and one of the best albums on mainstream artists.

Winner of best independent metal artisa by Indie O Awards

Alex Skolnick of Testament and Rodrigo and Gabriela make some collaborations in their last acclaimed album

Media has described the band as the sound of Black Sabbath with its own style


Maligno was born in 2004, with the desire of every member in the band to go back to their roots. After years of experimenting with different musical projects. Due to their musical background the band decided to pay homage to the most influential heavy metal band of all time: BLACK SABBATH. During several gigs throughout the country the band decided it was time to write original material. After months of rehearsals and composing, Maligno finally finished 10 songs wich are captured on the groups first album. The resulting sound is a mixture of their 70s metal influences and others that each member contributed. finishing in a progressive but agressive brand of doom metal. the album was recorded and produced by maligno at la nave studios in monterrey n.l. MEXICO, and it was mastered by Colin Davis (Vile) at Imperial Mastering L.A. Maligno has participated in some of the most important metal festivals in latin america like: Monterrey metalfest 3 with blind guardian, U.D.O, Cathedral, Obituary, Sadus, Deicide, Edguy, Union metalfest with Mexicos most renown metal bands, also in Mago de oz fest with Mago de oz, U.D.O, Warcry, Cage, and recently has been selected to support Guns N Roses on the mexican leg of their 2007 world tour. In 2008 Maligno started recording their second album titled UNIVERSEVIL at La Nave studios in Monterrey Mexico produced and recorded by the band and mastered by Alan Douches (MASTODON, HIGH ON FIRE, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN) at West West side music in NY and the cover art was designed by MALA SUERTE vocalist Gary Rosas, wich is going to was released in september 1st 2008. Maligno also in the recent years has been invited as a guest to open the concerts of Metallica and also Guns N Roses, he also share stage with Megadeth.

A Funeral Domine was record on 2011 with special guests Alex Skolnick of the legendary Testament and with Rodrigo and Gabriela, the record has been acclaimed my specialized press.

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