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"Album Review"

Malik's album Self Improvement is a flawless combination of forward thinking messages and street credability. With production by Sound Click, Vybe Beats, Sean Devine, Bossclickent, Mr. Coolman, and Royal Beats '07, the quality of the mastering is up to par with the raw lyrical talent of the artist. Through all sixteen tracks the album maintains strength and consistency that represents the true essence of northwest hip hop. Malik excells both in lyrics and with his choice of beats and is able to successfully capture the vibe in the production and offer words that are both personal and universal. He speaks about things that resonate with individuals from any walk of life.
The album ranges in styles and subject matter to create a refreshing diversity for the overall sound. Through the course of the sixteen tracks, the listener receives insight to the aspirations of the artist as well as his past experiences. It offers something for all listeners, from tracks about goals, love and romance, the future, the streets, the come up, and everything else that goes along with living immersed in hip hop culture and the hood.
The flow from track to track is smooth and well thought out. Though it is the nature of the album to incorporate various styles of beats as well as lyrics, none of the changes are abrupt so it continues to develope cleanly rather than having abrupt changes.
I would recommend this album to those who are looking to explore northwest hip hop further, or those who have an appreciation for true hip hop. There is no weak point in this album, and with diversity matched only be the creative skill, it is bound to have something for listeners of all appeals and fans of every style of hip hop.
- Lavish Language


-Blazin' Summer Mixtape Vol. 1 (collaboration with Entourage Hood Fellaz)
-Touchin' States Mixtape Vol. 2 (collaboration with J-Stunt of Family First Ent.)
-Make It Out The Ghetto (solo mixtape)
-Self Improvement (solo album, featuring production by Sound Click, Vybe Beats, Sean Devine, Bossclickent, Mr. Coolman, and Royal Beats '07)

-Made Men Ent in Tampa, FL
-Entourage Hood Fellaz
-503 TV

-The Ohm (2004)
-Club Platinum (2005)
-Williamette University (2005)
-Ash St. Saloon (2009)
-Juneteenth (2009)

-New single "Stay Wit Me" featuring Mia Lewis off of Self Improvement played on local radio station 107.5
- Self Improvement available on, Itunes, rhapsody, emusic, and



Malik Edwards has an entrepreneurial mindset and positive energy that gives him the capability to rock the foundation of what the hip hop industry has been built on. His power comes from a soul expression that is reflected in his music, alongside his undeniable talents. His music is a verbal reminder as well as a personal promise of the importance he places upon constant and consistent betterment of self. He creates music that is motivational, inspiring, and unique for the large majority of today’s demographic.
Malik was born in Portland, Oregon and spent his youth in low income neighborhoods, witnessing firsthand the devastation caused by crime and violence. At the age of fourteen he relocated to Sacramento, California. After the move he was able to recognize the opportunities that could be bestowed upon him with a clear mind and dedication. He realized that they were within the grasp of whoever chose to reach for them. Malik decided then that the hood history would end with him, and that he wanted a future with a more progressive outcome. He began to commit himself to a more positive cause and thought of more expansive aspirations. He graduated from Grant Union High School in Sacramento with a basketball scholarship and attended Sonoma State University, before transferring to Yuba State College, Cascade College and finishing at Portland State University with an AA in General Studies.
In 2003 he returned to Portland and became the C.E.O. and creator of his record label Sak Genius Entertainment. He built a studio, began to produce beats, write songs and record in the luxury of his own home. In the summer of 2004 he recorded Blazin’ Summer Mixtape Volume 1 in collaboration with the Hood Fellaz. They performed at various Portland venues including The Ohm, Club Platinum, and Williamette University.
Malik Edwards began his new solo album Self Improvement in 2008 and it was released in summer of 2009. The sixteen track album contains production from five artists from Sound Click and vocals by Mia Lewis. Malik plans to use the release of Self Improvement to catapult his career into the forefront of the hip hop industry and create a forward momentum to his career. He performed at the Ash St. Saloon and Juneteenth in the beginning of summer to promote the album, and is scheduling more performances in the near future.
Malik has drawn his strength from the negative circumstances he experienced as a child and has made it his personal conviction to translate them into something worthwhile that will serve as a positive influence universally. His aspirations are limitless, starting with the ambition to become a self-made millionaire within the next five years. He wants to spread affirmative thoughts worldwide through his travel, music, and all around expression. In the future he plans to become more involved with business and sees himself owning record stores, innovative online stores, clothing lines for men and women jewelry shops and restaurants. With an ambition matched only by his talent and diversity in his skills, Sak Genius Entertainment and Malik Edwards are only just beginning, and from here the road can only travel towards inevitable success.