Malika Sellami

Malika Sellami

 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CAN

Inspired by her voyages around the world, Malika is a free spirit who manifests love and collects memories that she transposes vibrantly into her music. With an eclectic folk sound, catchy melodies, colorful instrumentation and a flamboyant voice, she knows how to sweeten your heart.


Malika Sellami is a singer song-writer who roams around the world with her guitar.  In admiration of nature's elements, she manifests love along the way.

While dancing barefoot in the meadows, surfing ocean waves, or walking outside common paths, Malika gets inspired by the connections she makes, and by the experiences she lives. She learns to embrace each ephemeral moment and share it with the world, in songs with lively heartfelt lyrics and catchy loving melodies.

On the way from Quebec city, where she grew up and taught as a Drama teacher, to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where she decided to settle down (when she is not wandering around), she changed her approach to music and art. Formerly a teacher, Malika decided to pour herself into writing and performing music.

After winning Le Gala Fransaskois de la Chanson, a contest organized by the Saskatchewan francophone association, in 2009, for best composition and performance, she was a finalist to Chant' Ouest, the western Canadian francophone performing contest in Edmonton, Alberta. In July 2009, Malika released her first EP: Manifest some Love and toured Canada with another Saskatoon song writer and Jazz singer, Gillian Snider.

After touring parts of North America a few times, her curiosity, and thirst for learning new languages and cultures, pushed her itchy feet to South America, where she played several shows and found more inspiration.

In July 2011 she engaged local Saskatoon musicians in a playful recording project, an inspired CD where she puts her experiences traveling into 9 songs recorded over four days at Ancient Spirals Retreat, overlooking the South Saskatchewan river. The landscape and intimate settings provided a wellspring of inspiration and collaboration.

2012 is the year for Malika to release Barefoot, Smiling, her second album. With songs like "Prairie Love" which captures the wonders and beauty of the prairie skies, "Free Spirits Apart" or "Little Daisy" which share love stories, Barefoot Smiling is a collection of postcards put into songs. Barefoot, Smiling is about the road and the people you meet while travelling, homesickness and finding new homes, discovery and loss. Barefoot, Smiling finds Malika expressing herself not only in her second language English, but also her native French and newfound Spanish.  

On Barefoot, Smiling, Malika’s ubiquitous acoustic strumming and powerful heartfelt voice are complemented by the tasteful lead guitar of Peter Abonyi. Matthew McLaughlin’s compelling rhythms on the drum kit and congas, and Joey Lorer’s electric and standup bass playing, provide the foundation, with Saskatoon veteran musicians Gillian Snider and Sam Mitchell on accordion and mandolin respectively. Barefoot, Smiling was co-produced by Malika Sellami and Jesse Selkirk of Green Bottle Street, the Depth, and Soma. Jesse provided invaluable contributions to the songs’ composition and realization, as well as backup vocals on 3 songs.

Now playing with a full band around Saskatoon, she is ready to hit the road again in the Spring with her next tour, to the Pacific Ocean and back to the Prairies.

Biographie Francophone:

Originaire de la ville de Québec, d'un père tunisien, d'une mère québécoise, Malika Sellami adopte le voyage comme mode de vie à un très jeune âge. Après plusieurs années sur la route, elle s'installe dans les prairies canadiennes. C'est en Saskatchewan qu'elle développe un désir d'explorer plus profondément l'écriture de chansons. Après avoir gagné le Gala fransaskois de la chanson en 2009, elle lance un mini album en juillet de la même année: Manifest some Love. C'est avec plusieurs tournées nord américaines et d'autres voyages un peu partout à travers le monde que son deuxième album voit le jour en 2012: Barefoot, Smiling, un projet musical qui pourrait très bien se décrire comme une collection de cartes postales. Des collaborations internationales et des échanges musicaux culturels avec des artistes tunisiens, elle projète d'enregistrer son prochain album en français et à l'étranger.

Avec des textes français, anglais et espagnols, Malika offre une performance colorée remplie d'anecdotes. Une influence de la musique du monde, une inspiration gypsie, une voix chaude et rassurante, des paroles vibrantes et des mélodies qui reflètent l'amour et qu'on aime fredonner, la musique folk éclectique de Malika offre un son international qui sait charmer les coeurs tendres.


Little Daisy

Written By: Malika Sellami

Exploring Baja, Mexico
Fishermen working far at sea
Inspire me to be grateful
We're kings of our own destinies

You left me a kiss on the cheek
I've got rocks falling on my heart
Memories as sweet as honey
My core as broke as it can be

I heard you say, don't wait for me
I heard you say, let yourself be
blossom all year 'round, my little daisy
Life is not as hard as it seems

We meet people we share stories
We learn from every entity
A long road paved with little joys
Live well love often love too much

I'll fall in love with love again
That's the non sense of insanity
Admiring trees dance with the wind
I cry now so i can laugh again

I heard you say, don't wait for me
I heard you say, let yourself be
blossom all year 'round, my little daisy
Life is not as hard as it seems

Mystified by the beauties of our world
It's hard not to have any expectations
But tonight, i'll leave the door open

I heard you say, don't wait for me
I heard you say, let yourself be
blossom all year 'round, my little daisy
Life is not as hard
Life is not as hard
Life is not as hard as it seems


"Manifest some Love" EP (July 2009)
"Barefoot, Smiling" (March 2012)