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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | INDIE

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2000
Band Pop Adult Contemporary




"MALIN and Christmas (Radio interview)"

Announcer: Well Merry Christmas New Orleans. This is Christmas Eve and we know that we don't get white Christmas' here so I decided to bring special Christmas music this morning. I am Walter Ross and it gives me great pleasure to introduce a talented, my God - when God said stand in line for talent, this young lady must have camped out overnight. She made sure she was going to get hers. She lives in Dallas but is originally from New Orleans and with that I say Good Morning MALIN

MALIN: Good Morning Walter. Good Morning New Orleans.

Announcer: Your Home

MALIN: Yes - I am home so it is very good morning.

Announcer: Well thank you for sending me your CD. I have been blowing your CD out of the walls. I keep it in my computer and as Iam surfing the net, I am listening to the sounds of MALIN.

MALIN: Well, thank you. That is very kind of you

Announcer: And thank you for responding to my request. I wanted to bless the listening audience with Christmas and I know you are going to do it acceplla. You know, you have to be talented to sing with out music. So what are you going to do for us first MALIN?

MALIN: First? I am doing more than one? See listeners, Walter didn't tell me all of this [laughs]

MALIN SINGS - Go Tell it on the Mountain

MALIN: That is the reason for the season

Announcer: Well thank you for that. For those who are just joining us, you are listening to MALIN who is home for the holidays visiting family and friends. Let's hear another one?

MALIN: So soon? Ok you are really catching me off guard [laugh]

Announcer: [laugh] ok - Let's play something from your Christmas CD

MALIN: Yea - I did this Christmas CD with the sounds of the London Philharmonic Orchestra. It is huge.

SONG PLAYS - The First Noel

Announcer: AMEN 940AM WYLD. What a talented lady - MALIN. We are listening to her CD and she is here live. As I said before, MALIN is here and will bless us with Christmas music. What are you doing now?

MALIN: I am going to do Silent Night

Announcer: You know that is my favorite

MALIN: No - I didn't know that. It is a special song

MALIN SINGS - Silent Night

Announcer: Whew! Thank you . Beautiful beautiful voice. I understand you have a concert coming up. Tell us about that.

MALIN: We have a 10 city tour. A
Touch Somebody's Life Malin-nium tour and we will begin New Orleans on March 18th

Announcer: So where will the concert be?

MALIN: The concert will be held at Cornerstone United Methodist Church. Rev. Joe Connelly pastor. On Bullard.

Announcer: Ahhh- I know that church and that pastor very well.

MALIN: We are very excited about this

Announcer: OK say all the information again.

MALIN: A concert at Cornerstone UMC on March 18th at 7:00pm

Announcer: We are here with MALIN

MALIN: Good Morning New Orleans.

Announcer: Do you want to say
hi to anyone?

MALIN: Hello to my family and my friends. I am making the rounds this weekend so have that good cooking ready.

Announcer: Speaking of family, your mother is a devoted and educator in the city. A retired math teacher of McDonogh #35

MALIN: That is McDonogh #35 Senior High School College Preparatory.

Announcer: Are you a McDonogh #35 alumnus?

MALIN: Of Course!!. That is where all the success comes from
Announcer: [laugh] ok

MALIN: [laugh] ok New Orleans. Don't call in

Announcer: Anyone else you want to say hello to?

MALIN: I want to say hello and thank you to New Orleans for always welcoming me back with open arms every time I come home. Today I am going to the Saints game

Announcer: I know why you are going?

MALIN: Yea - to see my Saints beat up on the Cowboys

Announcer: Wait. You live in Dallas and from New Orleans. So when the Saints and the Cowboys play

MALIN: I am all Saints

Announcer: You are about the only one.

MALIN: Come on New Orleans. Have a little faith in the team. I think we are going to be the only two in that Superdome this afternoon.

Announcer: Yea - we are going to lay hands on the Saints [laugh]

Announcer: ok - We are about to go. Give us one more song.

MALIN SINGS - What Child is This?
Announcer: Where can you get the CD?

MALIN: You can pick the CD up from this radio station, my web site which www. or from Cornerstone UMC bookstore.

Announcer: Thanks MALIN - WYLD (Radio One)

"MALIN and H2H Radio - What's Happening 122016"

Announcer: It has been a while since I have had this young lady with me. I saw her performing over the holiday season in New Orleans and after a bit of swaying, I got her to come on my "What's Happen" segment to let us know what is going on. She now lives in Dallas but is and with that I say Good Morning MALIN

MALIN: Good Morning Walter. Good Morning Dallas and New Orleans [laugh]

Announcer: Hey lady. It was good seeing and hearing you during the Thanksgiving holiday.

MALIN: It was wonderful to see my Walter. For those who don't know Walter Ross is a friend you want to have. When he has your back - he has your back.

Announcer: [laugh] ok Miss. This interview is about you but thank you for the vote of confidence. It is easy to get behind such a quality artist like yourself. Also - thank you for sending me the Christmas CD. I downloaded the songs to my system the office was listening to the sounds of MALIN.

MALIN: Well, thank you. That is very kind of you

Announcer: Now - what's happening this upcoming season?

MALIN: Whew - I have my usual engagements ending the year and we are working on getting me back overseas. The response has always been great and there is so much more I want to do out there.

Announcer: I know you do Christian and Contemporary work. What will you be doing when you go out on the road?

MALIN: We are working on a new tour which will be a tribute to the 70s. It will be an audience-crowd participation performance so every show will be different. That is what I like; a show that will keep me and the band on our toes [chuckle]

Announcer: [laugh] ok - Does you band feel the same. I'm sure they do. But are you doing anything in the region?

MALIN: Yes - I am doing a MLK event in the city of Irving. That's a suburb of Dallas. I will be performing with a band name All Funk Radio Show.

Announcer: Is that the name of your band?

MALIN: No. I perform with them a lot and hoepfully will be using them for part of the tour. Maybe I shouldn't say that until they agree [chuckle]

Announcer: OK - I told you this would be short so let me ask one more question, What song can I play right now?

MALIN: Hmmm- Let's go with You Belong to Me. It is one of my music successful tracks overseas and Walter - You belong to me [chuckle]

Announcer: MALIN [lauhg] that is a GREAT way to introduce the song. So on that I say, I will thanks for stopping by; keep me posted on other upcoming events and do you have anything else to say?

MALIN: Yea - Folks come and check me and the All Funk Radio Show band out on January 15th at the MLK Celebration. You can find out more info on my web site -

Announcer: And I will have a link to her web site on my home page.
Thanks again Malin and here is You Belong to Me.

MALIN SONG PLAYS: U Belong 2 Me - Heart to Heart Raido


Touch Somebodys Life (1999); MALIN at Christmas (2000); Proud to be an American (2001); MALIN: By Request (2006)



* New Orleans, LA

Performance Highlights
* European tour (London, France, Italy). In Europe, performing, twice a year
* Winner of the McDonald's Opening Act Contest
* King World's Ananda Lewis Show nationally televised interview
* Opening performance for Grammy and Gospel Music award winners Oletta Adams, Amy Grant, Yolanda Adams, Helen Bayor and Shirley Ceasar
* Opening performance for Jazz recording pianist Cy Brinson
* Guest Soloist at The Louisiana United Methodist Annual Conference and the National Baptist Convention
* National Anthem soloist for state naturalization ceremonies

Some Clients
MADD, The Boys & Girls Club, Macys Stores, McDonalds Corp., KingWorld Productions, America Philanthropy, American Airlines, Wal-Mart Network Radio, PBS






* BS in Computer Engineering
* MBA in Human Diversity
* Certified in Fitness Instruction / Personal Training / Won a Silver medal at the Amateur World Aerobics

Band Members