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Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band World Folk




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"Malituanie" ( 2013 )

MaLituanie was recorded live in the studio in only four days and each composition was performed only once. Thirty songs were recorded; thirteen of them were included into this album.

An attentive listening to each other has freed up the most unexpected musical correspondences and opened deep universal meanings. Without knowledge of it, the performers were singing about the same things: a man and a woman, the care of the Mother Earth, the eternal human life cycle.



MaLituanie the first-of-its-kind world music album recorded and released in Lithuania. The album easily and inseparably fuses the harmonies of traditional Malian and Lithuanian music, tells stories of wanderings and homesickness; of new experience in exotic lands, and the duty to preserve our cultural memory.

"MaLituanie" was recorded by:

Saulius Petreikis ( Lithuania)

Saulius Petreikis is a talented young man who professionally plays the trumpet and folk instruments of various nations: bansuri flute of India, flutes of China, Celtic whistles, South African instruments, Armenian duduk, Australian didgeridoo and many more. Saulius experiments with diferent sounds and vibrations, he goes deep into how music affects man and his consciousness. With the help of music he spreads light and joy to everyone's hearts, and with the help of various instruments and his creativity he grants spectacular journeys around the world and to each listener's inner experiences and reflections

Baba Sissoko ( Mali)

Born in Bamako (Mali), Baba Sissoko is the undisputed master of tamani (the original talking drum), that he started to play since he was a child (thanks to the teaching of his grand-father Djeli Baba Sissoko) and from which he is able to extract all the notes simply with a one, natural movement.
Baba Sissoko plays also ngoni, kamalengoni, guitar, balaphon, calebasse, sildrum and he sings!
He is from a great and ancient dynasty of griots from Mali: in the Malian tradition, griots are deputed to calm down hearts and souls, by means of music. Baba Sissoko has been the first one to introduce the sound of tamani in the modern music of Mali.

Indre Jurgeleviciute ( Lithuania)

Is a young and talented singer gifted with a versatile voice, as well as a professional Baltic psaltery player. Indre performs jazz, world and classical music. She has graduated major degree in jazz vocal in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre; she also studied at Rotterdam Conservatoire. Indre is increasingly participating in international projects, where the rising star of Lithuanian stage reveals her exceptional sensuality. Jurgeleviciute is also a constant guest of Lithuanian music festivals. Although currently Indre is building her international career, you can often listen to her at the concerts as a soloist or as a member of various projects: an international band Merope, swing vocal ensemble The Ditties, jazz group Baisios Stygos, in projects Cikados and The Schwings. 

Laurita Peleniute ( Lithuania )

 She started singing folk music professionally 14 years ago. Currently Laurita is the soul of alvarinis, the most famous Lithuanian folk-rock band. For many years she also was the member of Balts ritual folk ensemble Klgrinda. A few years ago she courageously dived into the world music heritage and currently she is the leader of Marga muzika band which promotes traditional music of different countries. She is also a great teacher helping young people to discover Lithuanian musical heritage. Lauritas excellent voice and professional knowledge of ethnic culture brightens not only the local music scene, but also numerous international projects.

Viktoras Diawara ( Lithuania/Mali )

Is a famous Lithuanian singer, guitarist, producer and a member of Skamp, one of the most successful Lithuanian bands of all time. With Skamp he participated in Eurovision Song Contest and got the 13th place. In 2006 with the project LT United, which united the most famous Lithuanian pop music performers, he won the sixth place, and it was by far the biggest breakthrough of Lithuania in Eurovision. Viktoras was born and raised in Mali; his mother is a Lithuanian theater director and a playwright and his father is a Malian academician and a professor of the University of Bamako. Diawara lived in Ireland and Germany where in 1995 together with friends he started Skamp. After returning to Lithuania, he is in the professional music and producers activity. Diawara knows Malian and Lithuanian cultures really well, as both are his native ones. Joining MaLituanie project, Viktoras made an important contribution to Mali and Lithuanian musical friendship.