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Mali Woods

Band Folk R&B


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First Single: Stars
Second Single: Pyro
Third Single: La La Land
First Album: Melodic Wand
First single form second album: Gravity's Job


Feeling a bit camera shy


I been doing music for awhile now. I grew up studying classical piano and started teaching myself guitar in jr.high. I loved music more than school and spent more time with it than in class, it always felt more important. There has been so many times when it felt like my only friend, or the only thing that understood how I felt. To me, there was no thing that felt better than a good song, and that was the reason I started writing them. I wanted to be there for the people I didn't know, especially younger people (aka kids),
when they felt like no one else was, and life felt pointless.

I grew up in a suburb of Minnesota, in a very controlling household. I was very restricted in what I could do, and where I could go, so I ended up going more places in my mind. Thinking allot about why we are here, and my purpose. I became fascinated with why people do what they do, and explored wiccan, african, indian and asian cultures. From philosophy, beading, folklore, and music I traveled the world from my own bedroom. The more my "guardian" controlled me, the more my helplessness silenced me, until the only place I had left to go was my voice through song. I knew that if I felt this way, others must too, and I might be able to write a song that could free them from whatever imprisoned them, at least for a moment. There is nothing that can keep you from something you want. Some of us have to make such huge sacrifices in order to gain freedom of self again. That is why I chose to leave that all behind. I moved to LA, in my early 20's and won't ever be returning to the midwest again.

My first album I called Melodic Wand, representing the magic of melodies. Most of these songs I wrote when I was in the midwest, age 14-18. The songs reflect my spirit when I was still allowing myself to be held back by conditions. The song, Gravity's Job, is a single from my next album coming out Summer 2005. That album is more like the Dido meets Eminem type track.