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I am determined to be the best and I allow myself the opportunity to grow in the industry. I’m a singer, songwriter and producer. I am very dedicated, loyal and committed in providing the best possible service and performance with the talents I have as an artist.


Mal-Jay's album "Southbound" was an underground masterpiece. Buy it now in the shop section of his website. His sophomore album 'State of Emergency' features the hit singles "Play With Me," "On The Run," and "Much More. Straight out of Ft. Lauderdale & Hollywood, FL., comes a soulful hip hop thug by the name of Mal-Jay. Mal-Jay is the foundation of the Grenade Records camp and has been with the company since it started.

Mal-Jay has been representing South Florida since he was 12 years old; making him a seasoned veteran. Mal-Jay has performed with several major hip hop icons such as: Ying Yang Twins, Trick Daddy, Jada kiss, Scarface, Dirty, Ludacris, Trina, Juvenile, B.G., and many more. Mal-Jay is a multi-talented entertainer who raps, sings, and acts. In addition, Mal Jay has performed in areas such as Nashville Tennessee, Memphis Tennessee, Columbus, Ga., South Carolina, North Carolina and more.

You can hear all of Mal's talents on the upcoming Grenade release "Gutter War" and his sophomore album "State of Emergency" which already has produced two of the undergrounds hottest hits "Play With Me" and "On the Run." With producers JAZZ NICE, "Left", JROCK,TOTAL KOAS and JIM ROWE, Mal is here to give every man, woman, and child music they can feel. There is definitely talent in the south and Mal-Jay is here to make you recognize that fact!


I Shine

Written By: Jamarra Johnson (MalJay)


I shine I ball
Thrown up stacks with my back against the wall
28 inches got the chevy
Sittin tall
You can tell I’m gette in money

How I’m shoppin at the mall.

Verse 1

Hey man I make big money
Man I drive big cars
Take a look into the life of a young super star
I’m addicted to the fast life

Boy I got my whip game proper
My stacks on deck

Pull in all the pussy poppers
Take a look into the life
Of a young black millionaire
I’m on my way bitch I’m living a life without fear I got my

Game tight and my money long
I’m in the club on triple stacks

Getting my poll on
I’m doing thangs that most nigga’s they don’t do in dreams
My moneys power so I’m dedicated
To that green.

I wouldn’t be nuttin if
It wasn’t for the dope friends

But now I ball like I’m playing
For the major league

I’m a hustler you can never
Ever stop my grind
24/7 even when there is no
I’M Mister Mall the game was no pressure no I gotta few stacks to throw so yeaH Nigga

Verse II

So many pussy Nigga’s running
Round telling lies
Claim in they push in that work
But they aint bout that life
The only time they see
Bricks is when they watch a movie
I’m like a pro because I whip it while the brawds do me

No moe chevy’s boy we ridin
In big body benz

Aint gotta say them hoe’s
Know to jump on in
like tip yeah I got my top
let back I’m a fool
when I get on patron or cognal
so I lean to the left side
swerve to the right side

Blowin dro all in my ride
Lovin how I live my life money stack it neva folds got no love for Beggin Hoes

Never make a move
Unless promoters talking bout doe
We all livin for the all mighty dollar
And every body know plenty money give you power

So I stays’ on my grind cause my moneys on my mind

I do what I gotta do just so you can see me shine.

Verse 3
Hey if your bout getting money
Throw you setts up high
And swear to be a hustler to
The day that cha die

Nigga make that money neva let it make you
A couple hundred stacks a make you fell brand new.

If you bout getting money
Throw your sets up high
and swear to be a hustler to the
day that you die Nigga make that
money neva let it make you a couple hundred mill a make you feel brand new yeah

Getting Checks

Written By: Jamarra Johnson (MalJay)



Nigga’s getting checks
Like a pair of Nike’s
You got me fucked up if
say you get it like me.
Nigga what

Verse 1

Started off at the bottom
Made my way to the top
Made a couple of moves

Got investors to jock
Now im makin new plains

Damnit to be the Man
It feels so good to splearge

Wit bout a hundred grand

Been that thug on the news
Hatters said I would lose

I done paid all my bues Now
They lookin like fools
Yhea I’m livin so paid
No longer duckin starys

Amazin how this cash keep
Commin so many ways.

Verse II

Show after show
Man im lovin

How this money flows
A city to city boy yhea

Im talking cash gallory
My team with me
Best believe them nigga;s
They got the passion like I do
For the lavish life
Call up a couple brands
Ball and tear up the mall
They smell the money so
you know we gonna break em off
ever day a different city makine power moves
Straight to the bank that’s
What hustling nigga’s tend to do.

Verse 3

So many Hatters they envy me.

With all this paper
They can’ see me


I Shine
Gettin Checks

Set List

Gettin Check 4:22
I Shine 4:33
On the run 3:57
G-5 Money 4:23
What tha biz is 3:43
Thug forever 4: 56