Malkah Duprix

Malkah Duprix



If you ask her, Malkah Duprix will tell you that the one thing that gets her really excited is singing in front of a crowd, and she's been doing this since a very young age. With influences ranging from Tom Waits to the Magnetic Fields, Malkah's aim is to write songs that you can't get out of your head, no matter how hard you try, and that you then want to hear again and again. Her music is stripped-down to just what it needs, and live, it takes on the energy of the crowd and becomes something more dynamic and new. Check 'er out!


2005 EP recorded at the Shack, recorded and mixed by John Bisagna. Recording artist Cynthia Gayneau has played selections from this EP before her appearances at regional music festivals. In addition, Malkah Duprix has alleged contacts in the regional University and French radio communities.