MalLabel Music

MalLabel Music

 San Francisco, California, USA

SF based music label and event production crew, MalLabel Music's philosophy is to release face-melting , dance-floor heavy, whomp-tastic beats and specializes in producing underground interactive art events that incorporate label artists and headliners.

Biography is an electronic dance music record label based in San Francisco that also hosts events. MalLabel has toured nationally and we are planning our international tour for the summer of next year. This year we will be showcasing our music at booked events on the Mallabel Tour 2010 and will be featured at both SXSW and at the Winter Music Conference. 90% of our EPs have charted internationally and nationally on the electronic dance music charts.

MalLabel Principles:

A. Produce, release, and license bass heavy dance floor oriented music with a west coast flavor.
B. Create, film and record art inspired underground events that feature local music and large name acts.
C. Promote MalLabel music, photos, video, and event information easily to our targeted audience through

MalLabel’s main marketing objective is to consistently release and book large name acts alongside MalLabel artists and releases to boost name recognition and commercial viability of MalLabel product and events. Every month MalLabel will release an EP with a large name act’s original track or remix of a MalLabel original.

In addition to working with established acts consistently MaLabel continually has a full promotion campaign with large online presence as well as local Bay area life style marketing presence through our local street teams.


MAL 001 – SkullTrane – This One Called Dub – HD4000 RMX
MAL 002 – HD4000 – Jekal – Widdler RMX
MAL 003 – EL Diablo – Rollin with my Crew – 6BLOCC RMX
MAL 004 -- 6BLOCC – Bad Boy
MAL 005 -- Mycho Pan Cocoa – Low Frequency Highlife – Ribotto & Zeno RMX
MAL 006 --- Roommate – Strong Vibes
MAL 007 – Zombie-J – Dr. Wre – Roommate RMX
MAL 008 – DZ – Untitled Facemelter
MAL 009 – Dr. Knobz – Purple Gangsta -- DZ RMX