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San Antonio, Texas, United States | SELF

San Antonio, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Pop R&B


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"Sapphic Songtress Steals the Show"

Im always on the prowl for lesbian talent of any sort. And it seems that this time i've gotten awfully lucky. I don't how familar everyone is with the process of trying to become a signed musician, but we all know almost nothing is made easier by being a lesbian woman of color. Sapphic Songtress, Mallorie is trying to take this industry by storm despite the unlikely odds put in to play by bigotry and intolerance. She tackles the issues in her new single ""One Love" Which happens to be my personal favorite. And though she doesn't just want to be tagged and typed as the token butch lesbian, shes not to shy to tell you what she desires like in single "Skin Deep". Her willingness to be relatable to audeinces of all types is just downright refreshing! You can see and learn to except a new take on lesbianism and love alike, and you can also turn down the lights and light some candles with songs like "Make it Rain" playing softly in the background. She also does one heck of a cover as well.

This interview just goes to show that talent is not the first thing that these "big wigs" look for! Image will continue to be everything in this cesspool of shallow we call home. If You're not willing to conform, your journey looks like a long one. But if you stay true to who you are, you're journey proves fruitful and rewarding. If the internet is not good for anything else these days, its a prefered channel of getting yourself heard. So Check out the interview free on iTUNES @ SPAZ TALK RADIO. Contact links to follow this post. Thanx for continuing to support our efforts here at STR. And remember to Support your Lesbian artists and orginazations. We couldnt do or be anything without the help or support from our community. You all make us until who we are and who we can be. Thank You and Stay Tuned!

- Spaz Talk Radio

"Mallorie is a lesbian vocalist from Texas who has been recording albums since she was in high school."

Inspired by pop artists like Michael Jackson, Mallorie has used her newest song, entitled “One Love”, to spread the message of equality in response to California’s Proposition 8. Other songs by Mallorie such as “There She Goes” and “Just You” have earned her the title of ‘Sapphic Songstress’ by Spaz Talk Radio. In an interview with the lesbian podcast, Mallorie says that her music is for everyone, and she hopes that she can open the door for other out lesbians in the music industry who might have previously had the door shut in their face. -


This is Just The Beginning 2003
The Next Level 2004
So Gone 2005
This Game 2006
This Christmas 2006
Step Into The Light 2007
Just Me 2008

Available on itunes world wide
One Love (Single) 2009
Dreams 2010
My Christmas Wish 2010



Mallorie (born January 6, 1988) is an American recording artist, entertainer, and song writer. She is the third and last child born to the Herrera family. Her parents are Juan and Maria Herrera; her brothers are Juan Jr. & Jose. Mallorie was born in Killeen, TX and as a result of being an army brat, grew up in varies parts of the world, including Germany. Mallorie lived her early adulthood in Texas, where she graduated with honors at Hebbronville High School.
Mallorie started singing very early in life but she debuted on the professional music scene at the age of 13. While Mallorie enjoys singing various types of music; she received professional training in Mariachi music and has also received training to sing Opera under the instruction of a former professional opera member of an Opera Company.
Mallorie was referred to as the "Sapphic Songstress," by Spaz Talk Radio's host Spaz. She introduced her sexual preference in 2007. Although she realized doing so would make her rise to the top difficult, she wants to let the world know that being a lesbian will not stop her from achieving her dream. While Mallorie’s hispanic background has helped her understand the tejano music industry. Her love for music is more rooted; she was born into a family of talented musicians. Her grandfather, Roberto Gonzalez, was a songwriter, his music was well known in the Southern part of Texas, tragically his life was cut short three years ago, leaving behind a string of songs that one day Mallorie hopes to record, continuing his legacy. She also has an uncle who is a tejano musician, Ramiro Gonzalez. He has been entertaining people for more than thirty five years now. Ramiro is the lead vocalist and guitar player for Ramiro y los Nuevo Campeones.
She has seven albums which have all been produced and written by her: This Is Just The Beginning (2003), The Next Level (2004), So Gone (2005), This Game (2006), This Christmas (2006), Step Into The Light (2007), and Just Me (2008). In 2009 she released her single "One Love", which became a web sensation. Showing the world love will overcome. Mallorie is an artist in her own right. In addition to writing and producing her music, she is known to do her own back-up vocals, using as many as five harmonizing back-up vocals. Mallorie also creates her melodies, often accompanying her vocals with her ability to play guitar and keyboards.
When asked what her hopes are for the future, Mallorie will humbly respond, she would like to know that through her music, she will be able to reach peoples hearts; making their lives richer through her lyrics. It’s not about the money according to Mallorie, it’s about making people feel good through her music. She performs at local ceremonies, many of those fund raisers and talent shows. She also toured throught southern Texas playing shows at many gay clubs and celebrations. Since her tour in '09 Mallorie has been working very hard on her newest album "Dreams", which released Sept. 18, 2010. Her album is mixed with slow R&B with new Pop up beat music. She believes this to be her best album yet. Her singles "My Ring, Down. Blind, and Love (If You Believe)" have made their own spotlight. "Love (If You Believe)" has been featured on the American Cancer Society Website this year. Mallorie was inspired and influenced by her young cousin who fought cancer when she was 9. Mallorie is happy to know that song continues to give strength and hope for others who are fighting that diedly disease and will keep her cousin Lilly Ruiz's legacy alive.
Even when she tried to focus only on the album, the stage continued to call her name in 2010 as she performed for clubs and gay events in San Antonio, Tx. Including Gay Fiesta and SAHOTLEZ 2nd Anniversary. Mallorie also released a Christmas CD ("My Christmas Wish") in Dec. 2010 and is working on her new album titled "Fierce". Mallorie never stops moving, when she's not working on her music or performing she posts youtube cover videos for her fans all around the world. She is excited to begin touring again throughout Texas, and eventually travel beyond the borders in 2011. Mallorie hopes to open doors for the LGBT community one song at a time.