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San Francisco, California, United States

San Francisco, California, United States
Band Rock Latin


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"Malo Press"

“Founding member Arcelio Garcia, who has stuck through “the thick and thin” of the music business, still enjoys, and is thankful for, his ability to play for several generations of fans, people who keep bringing their grandchildren to Malo shows.” ~ Leslie Katz, SF Examiner

Fan Quote
"I have been devoted fan of Malo from 1972 when this passion swept into my life. I have emailed, over the years members of Malo and follow the website regularly. I listen to all the CDs off and on, and recently I have joined a Samba band here in the UK. I play caixa drum, which i love. We are only amateurs, but we are playing in our capital city of London soon.

We have many people of different ages in the band and recently I have shown your music to a boy of 15, who has let “Nena, Latin Bugaloo and Merengue” into his life. This has swept him away, and he is now completely obsessed with the percussion work on these sounds. This in turn has re-invented my passion for this too, and made me realise how timeless and infectious this music really still is. It never left me, it just got buried in the debris of life. It instills fire in our soul, passion in our hearts and is the fuel for engines of creation.
We love you guys.
We love your music.
Long live Malo." ~ Derek Rogers, devoted fan from the UK - Various Publishers


Still working on that hot first release.



Legendary Latin Rock band Malo is one of the most successful and enduring bands in the world. Their 1972 hit single, “Suavecito” is the ultimate Hispanic love song, and four decades later, still one of the most played tracks on classic radio.

Malo's line-up has been a virtual who's who of Latin Rock all-stars, including trumpeteer Luis Gasca, percussionists Pete & Coke Escovedo, Francisco Aguabella, and Victor Pantoja, keyboardist Richard Comode, musicians Tom Poole, Raul Rekow, and Pablo Tellez, as well as lead vocalist Richard Bean (of Sapo fame). Emilio & Gloria Estevan credit Malo with helping them to create their very own Miami Sound Machine. Malo has toured the world, playing with such rock greats as The Rolling Stones, WAR, Tierra, El Chicano, and Queen, and still continue to tour extensively, forty years after their debut.

The story of this enduring band begins with lead singer Arcelio Garcia. As a teenager, Arcelio was invited to join a band called the Malibus, named after the Chevy sportscar. They became a very well known and popular band in the Bay area in the mid-sixties, playing R&B, and subsequently expanded their sound to what is know as Latin Rock.

A few years into the career of the Malibus, a guitarist was added named Jorge Santana, the brother of the already famous Carlos Santana. In 1970, the Malibus changed their name to Malo and the rest is history. At times numbering as many as ten or more musicians, Malo's sound was different than Santana’s, with the line-up including a powerful horn section.

They were signed to Warner Brothers Records and recorded their first album, which was released in 1972, simply entitled "Malo". Arcelio co-wrote four of the six songs, including their classics "Nena" and "Cafe". Their biggest hit “Suavecito" evolved from a song they had written and been doing in clubs called “My Love.” Richard Bean, band member at that time, wrote a new lyric, thus giving birth to the major hit, while members Pablo Tellez and Abel Zarate also assisted in the composition.

Warner Brothers released Malo's second album, "Dos" in 1972, followed by "Evolution" in 1973. Illness kept Arcelio Garcia out of the group for a year in 74-75. This was the period when Little Willie G., formerly of Thee Midniters of East L.A., came in and became lead singer for Malo. Willie did one album entitled “Ascención” and toured with the band. This album was Malo's last with Warner Brothers.

Malo's current lineup includes: Arcelio Garcia, lead vocals and leader of the group; Jorge Santana, Lead Guitar; Gabe Manzo, Guitar; Gus Bogios, Bass; David George, Drums; Daniel Cervantes, Keyboards; David Chavez, Congas; Gibby Ross, Timbales; Jack Musgrove, Trumpet; Brian Beukelman, Trumpet; Pete Rodriguez, Trumpet / Trombone