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Malou Berg

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Malou Berg has made a name for herself as a cabaret artist, actress, composer and
fantastic singer. She has performed on theatre stages, in TV-shows and in films. Since 1977 she has had a number of records released, both in Sweden and the rest of the world. Other artists have also recorded many of her songs. At the early age she already showed an unusually strong voice with a beautiful tone. ”her voice is mighty”, ”convincing” and ”heart-wrenchingly beautiful”. Malou Berg has written music to many cabarets all around Sweden. She participated in several films and TV-series. She has written a string of popular gospel songs. Malou composed ”Den Inre Vägen” (The Inner Path), a sacred musical piece, received spectacular reviews by the music critics, who also loved her next album HOYA, a suggestive piece of world music which take you back to the beginning of time. The follow-up, OMINE, has a more meditative tone. Malou Berg has just finished the third part in this Pleiadian-series, AmaOna, to be released soon. In AmaOna the songs are heartfelt, joyful and lively.



Written By: Malou Berg

Ia omine ama
Ewi ame i mato
Onawea mo tiwe
Onia meio ane
Io wakeo mewa
Wa anema i katoo
Eianoka wo amei
O amei anoki ei

// Omine
Anowa kawame
Emi akate mawo
Iokane mako
Anowa i mate
Hei akano
Ei ama iowane //

Omi wakate mae
Emi wakame amo
Omine wae mia
Omine wae mia

// Omine
Anowa kawame
Emi akate mawo
Iokane mako
Anowa i mate
E mi akanowati
Maeia matowa
Heia me wota
Wakame towa
Omine //

Omi akato mate
Ame kanowa
Ime wa
Somi tawo

(note. The lyrics is in a nonexisting language)


Greta & Malou, LP 1977
Malou Berg, LP 1980
Nu faller ljuset in i mig, LP 1984
Beam Of Light, LP 1985
Berörd, LP/CD 1988
Den Inre Vägen, CD 1995
HOYA, CD 2003
OMINE, CD 2005
+ a bunch of singles preceeding the albums