Maltese Cross

Maltese Cross


Kick in your teeth heavy metal,when these guys are playing live they put energy thru the crowd. heavy music,with a melodic groove heavy vocals and heavy drums!!


This band was formed 3 years ago from two separate bands Torment,and DemonSeed.This band is unique in the fact that it has two sets of brothers in it. Ben & Brent Lewis,and Pete Rodarte was playing in DemonSeed, and Michael & Nathan Dean were playing in Torment.Both bands had their ups and downs. But these 5 guys knew they were going nowhere with what they were doing.
These 5 guys all knew each other and knew they all had the same taste. So Ben & Brent asked Michael and Nathan to join them along with Pete and see what happens.
Magic is what happened!! These guys came together like it was meant to be like it was destiny.
The songs started to pour out and the live show developed into a jawdropping experience for anyone. Being influenced by a variety of bands such as Led Zepplin,Acid Bath,Pantera,Motley Crue,and Hatebreed. They have created a sound that is unique with the heavy stylings of Hatebreed,and Pantera. The Grooves of Led Zepplin. And the hooks of Motley Crue. They have made music that you can bang your head to or dance. I think what sets this band apart from others is that they are like a brotherhood.
their motto "We live together,we ride together,we die together,bad boys for life"


first e.p. "From Out of Nowhere"
2nd e.p. "Hard as Nails"
one single "Man Made Evil" Which recieved radio play on 100.5 "THE FOX" in Louisville,KY
and are now working on 1st LP entitled "Man Made Evil".
we have 4 songs on our website that are streaming.
1.Man Made Evil
2.Devil in Disguise
3.No Pity (for a dirty kitty)

Set List

our set lists varys from show to show,Pete will just say what we are going to play before we play it.
We feel that this gives the audience a different show everytime they see us.
Original songs:
Man Made evil
Devil in Disguise
No Pity (for a dirty kitty)
Heavy Gun Metal Blue
Insectile Infestation
No forgiveness
Kiss of Death
Telepathic Vengence
Vespers of Rage
Zombie Nation
Throne of Shit
Suffer within
cover songs:
Man in the Box-Alice in Chains
Bodies-Drowning Pool
Paranoid-Black Sabbath
Helter Skelter-The Beatles
Heart Shaped Box-Nirvanna