Mamadou Diabate Percussion Mania

Mamadou Diabate Percussion Mania


The name of the group is its program: Percussion Mania is precisely that – an intoxicating battle of rhythms, in which not only the musicians are supposed to fall into a trance. All instruments originate from the traditional music of West Africa and all musicians were born and grew up in Burkina Faso. Their music, rooted in the finest West African traditions, is shaped by experiences and concert trips, by co-operation with musicians of other cultures and by life. The spectacular and virtuosic "b


Mamadou Diabate was born into a traditional musician-family in Burkina Faso (West Africa). At the age of 5 he started his professional training. At 8 he began with his apprenticeship years with renowned balafonists of neighboring peoples.
In 1985 and 1998 he won the first prize of the National Balafon Competition of Burkina Faso.
He currently lives in Austria.
With his group Percussion Mania he won the Austrian World Music Award (2011) and the Grand Prix of the "Triangle du Balafon" Competition in Mali (2012). For his virtuosity, he was there also honored with the "Prix Alkaly Camara de la virtuosité".
He has released 9 CDs with his own compositions and 2 others with authentic music of the Sambla and Tusia peoples (both world premiere).
In Burkina Faso, he had built a primary school where poor children are taught free of charge.


MUTUA (2012): Mamadou Diabate, Wolfgang Puschnig, Jon Sass
KANUYA (2011): Mamadou Diabate's Percussion Mania
FENBA (2010) : Mamadou Diabate (Balafon Solo)
YALA (2010): Mamadou Diabate, Sigi Finkel
KAMALENYA (2006): Mamadou Diabate's Percussion Mania
FOLIKELAW (2005): Mamadou Diabate, Sigi Finkel
SIRA FILA (2003): Mamadou Diabate's Bekadiya
KENEYA (2002): Mamadou Diabate (traditional Balafonmusic of Sambla)
SABABU (2001): Mamadou Diabate (Solo)