Mamak Khadem & Ensemble

Mamak Khadem & Ensemble

 Santa Monica, California, USA

MAMAK KHADEM blends her Persian folk roots with contemporary arrangements for a stunningly rich and emotional musical journey. Her new CD, A Window to Color, is an exploration of the poetry of contemporary mystic Sohrab Sepehri.


Born in Tehran, Iran, Mamak moved to the U.S. as a teenager where she grew up with American pop, rock and jazz. Two years after her arrival in the U.S., the 1979 revolution in Iran and the eight-year war with Iraq changed her destiny. After the revolution,Mamak decided to explore her rich heritage and began training in Persian Classical music with radif vocal masters. "After years of traveling back to Iran to study this music, I realized that I didn't want to be a pure traditional singer. I needed to create my own style of music - accessible to everyone, but with an Iranian signature. It was a challenge that I really wanted to embrace." As a founding member of the fusion sensation Axiom of Choice, Mamak had a chance to collaborate and create in an ensemble that pioneered an exciting and original Persian contribution to world music. Inspired by her travels throughout the Middle East, the music of her first solo album Jostojoo explored a variety of different regional and folk melodies not only from Iran, but also from Greece, Turkey and Armenia.

A Window to Color, Mamak's new CD features original compositions based on the nature poetry of Persian artist Sohrab Sepehri evoking yearning, beauty, freedom and a return to innocence and love. Mamak feels it is her mission to encourage the youth around the world to contemplate, observe and celebrate a global consciousness of peace, equality and understanding. Mamak Khadem is equally active on stage, having performed at many venues and festivals in the US and around the world. A guest vocalist on numerous world music recordings, she has also recorded for a number of film soundtracks including Skateistan, The Peacemaker, Traffic, The Profiler, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Battlestar Galactica.


"A Window to Color" 2011
"Jostojoo" ("Forever Seeking") 2007

With Axiom of Choice:
"Unfolding" Axiom of Choice 2002
"Niya Yesh" Axiom of Choice 2000
"Beyond Denial" Axiom of Choice 1996

As guest vocalist:
"Alif" Omar Faruk Tekbilek 2002
"Brink" Dave Stringer 2001
"Season of Souls" Tulku 1998
"Prayer for the Soul of Layla" Jamshied Sharifi 1997

"Skateistan" 2010
"Battlestar Gallactica" 2004-2009
"Traffic" (The Mini-Series) 2004
"Peacemaker" Hans Zimmer 1997

Set List

1) Rapture (Invocation)
2) Gelayeh( Plaintive)
3) Shakpooy
4) Varan ( rain)
5) Avareh(Homewrecked)
6) Lachrymosa
7)Bigharar(restless Yearning)