Mama Lucky

Mama Lucky

 Pensacola, Florida, USA

Who is Mama Lucky? “Mama Lucky” is the brainchild of Jim White, an alt country, ”Hick Hop” performer in his own right. A few years back, when Mr. White needed a “voice” for a song on his new album, he chose local singer, Linda Delgado, known for her bluesy,” belt ‘um out” style. Their collaborations continued, and Mama Lucky was born. Her second cd, "Permanent Stranger", has been released in March 2009. Produced by Jim White, Tucker Martine and with such musicians as Andrew Hale and Joe Henry,


"Mama Lucky grew up in east Texas in the 1950s. Her mama owned a honky tonk on the Louisiana Texas border and she was reared to live hard, and sing about it. By the late sixties Mama Lucky was fronting seminal Texas rock bands like "Sweet Peter" and "Tar Baby". She spent her formative years kicking around the early Austin music scene, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, and Shake Russell. She spent a year opening for Willie Nelson in the mid-seventies.
In 1998, she did a self produced album of original songs and covers called "Barricades", recording three songs at the famous Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.
In 1999, she met Jim White, a cult favorite, alt-country singer songwriter, and began working with him. After doing back up vocals on two albums. Jim gave her a big break, by asking her to sing his music on a album he wanted to produce himself.
Jim White created "Mama Lucky", and the album "Permanent Stranger" was released in 2009.
The Mama Lucky Band is an eclectic blend of blues influenced, Americana rock. Vocalist Linda Delgado, AKA "Mama Lucky", has her roots deep in the blues music of the southern Texas swamps. Keyboardist Gary Blount has lived all over the world, and his classical influences and unique style, are the base of the creative process. Drummer, J.D. Cowan provides not only a strong bottom beat, but is a master of percussion and the nuances needed to complete the "feel" of the music. Bassist Pat Harvey, sets a perfect groove, and his perfectionist attitude and imaginative bass riffs set the mood. The newest addition, guitarist Mark Hawley is a Canadian native, transplanted to Florida. His hard rock guitar sound rounds out the music perfectly. Add four part harmony and lots of passion and you have The Mama Lucky Band.


Year Name of Disc Distribution

1999 Solo Artist Get off The Porch Blues Blues Society of Northwest Florida
Compilation CD

2000 Backing Vocals No Such Place/Jim White Luaka Bop Records

2001 Main Artist Barricades/Solo Release Quand’ Meme Productions

2004 Backing Vocals Drill a Hole in That Substrate/Jim White Luaka Bop Records
and Tell Me What You See

2005 Backing Vocals Sunday Nights, Fat Possum Records
A Tribute to Jr. Kimbrough

2009 Solo artist Mama Lucky/Permanent Stranger Independent release

Video Credits

2004 Video - "Girl From Brownsville Texas" /Jim White

2011 PBS concert series, Studio Amped, originally aired May 12, 2011-
Can be viewed online,

Mama Lucky on youtube, live performances.