mama pride

mama pride


it has every thing in it that you could ever want


beautiful and talented twin sisters,tiffany and kimberly,equaly talented brother vince their combined talents form their uniqe sound of pop,funk,and rock and roll.With high-energy superstar charisma,tiffany belts out her lead vocals,while sister kimberly backs her up on vocals and bass guitar.the girls take the twin theme to the extreme by switching instruments,kimberly picks up the reythem guitar and sings lead while tiffany takes over the bass and back her sister up on vocals.vince,lead guitarist,vocals and big brother,takes the band unique sound and performance to new extreme.Like a snake charmer,vince seems to put the audience in a trance with his hypnotic riffs and showmanship.Mama's Pride has already become sacramento's hottest act,winning 3 sacramento music awards (Sammie) for 2002,2003 and 2004.They were also picked out of hundreds of local bands to have one of their songs (kiss me hello)featured on a compilation cd that will be released in aug 2003 that brian wheat of tesla produce.they have played for the sac kings & lakers they also opened for alicia keys concert.



Written By: mamas pride

nice pop song,cachy chorus,interesting vocals,good groove


we have a album called the rebirth and a new albulm that is comming out in the summer of 2007.Yes we have some song on the radio.

Set List

rockon,mamaspride.i wont wait,when its good,lover girl,fast lane freak,thin ice,happy for my self,fallen,free,kiss me hello,fire,after the rain,promise,you and i,im on,waek him.Our sets go 45m to1andhalf whats needed.