Niamey, Niamey, NER

The come back of the leading group of Niger MAMAR KASSEY, directed by the charismatic singer and flautist Yacouba Moumouni.Fusion of traditional rhythms, instruments such as the molo (lute with a skin-covered body), komsa, kalangou (armpits drum) and modern instruments such as the electric bass.


Yacouba Moumouni, the leader of the band MAMAR KASSEY, had paused the project for 5 years to focus on new musical encounters and invitations to France and around the world. Enriched by this experience, he returns with a new Mamar Kassey and a new repertoire. To reform the band, he calls his friend Jean-Luc Thomas, a Breton flute player with who Moumouni plays in Serendou project. Jean Luc gives the artistic direction to the band. Moumouni surrounded himself with the manager and music producer Bertrand Dupont from the INNACOR label. This label produced albums such as NDIALE, mix of Jacky Molards quartet and Foune Diarras Malian trio, or ALE GENA, which mixes the Breton band Badumes Band with the ethiopian singer Selamnesh Zemene. Bertrand Dupont entrusted the tour management to Yorrick Benoist of RUN PRODUCTIONS (Staff MBONGWANA International, Danyel Waro, Tambours du Burundi, Konono n1, Tartit...)


The name Mamar Kassey belongs to the history of the Songhay people whose empire was extended from Walata (Moroco) to Dendi (Dahomey-nowadays called Benin). Mamar Kassey is the most famous of those peoples ancestors who decided, to avoid fratricidal conflicts, to exile all along the Niger river and establish themselves in the areas of Kolmane, Yatakala, Wanzarb, Tillabry, Gotheye, Tra, Gaya and as far as Kandi in Benin.

Original band Mamar Kassey was created 22nd of November 1995 by two men : Yacouba Moumouni and Abdallah Al Hassane who are musicians trained by the Centre de Formation et de Promotion Musicale de Niamey (CFPN Elhadj Taya).
Yacouba Moumouni, more known under the nickname of DENKE DENKE, nowadays is considered to be the most popular artist in Niger. Mamar Kassey is widely appreciated in all Western Africa.

Tradition is not a limitation for Mamar Kasseys music but the dynamic element giving it all a sense and taste.

The essence of tradition flows into the bands compositions, free from any rigid codes, thanks to its open minded view of the music and respect of oral traditional singing. It propagates at the speed of light through the calabashs tempo and the kalangou drum. It unites in a subtle game of contrasts, the melodic lines of the rhythm guitar and of the little luth Komsa. It talks through the singing and the Seys flute which bounces as a tightrope on the lines of a bass under high voltage.

MAMAR KASSEY plays brilliantly and with professionalism well-executed arrangements supporting Yacoubas beautiful and powerful voice, full of sensuality and warmth with an authentic Nigerian identity strongly affirmed by a subtle play, performed by the traditional luths Komsa and Molo and an armpit drum (Kalangou).
The beauty of dancers gestures is in perfect harmony with the rhythmic and melodic nuances of well-executed music. MAMAR KASSEYs music is a lot more than an addition of talents. It is the expression of a mutating culture, the link between the secret words of an art reserved to the hogon masters, God, fetishes and the universal language of the new millennium.

The MAMAR KASSEYs band is not a mere coincidence but the accomplishment of combined efforts of men and women convinced by the necessity to give Nigeria its voice into the concert of worlds music.

line up :

Yacouba Moumouni : vocal, peules flutes, dance, composition,
Harouna Abdou "Harou" : bass & vocals
Boubacar Souleymane "Barry" : gourd & vocals
Abdramane Albarka : electric guitar
Adamou Daouda : kalangou (talking drums)
Seyni Halidou : molo, komsa (lutes in 2 and 3 ropes)
Fatoumata Amadou :vocals
Catherine Onadja : vocals, dance

summer tour 2014
7 juin Festival Music Meeting - Nijmegen (Pays-Bas)
8 juin Festival Musiques mtisses - Angouleme (F)
15 juin Festival Respect - Prague (rep. Tchque)
21 juin Fte de la musique Langonnet (F)
28 juin Festival Africa fte - Marseille (F)
29 juin Festival les sous-fifres - St Pierre dAurillac (F)
3 july Amsterdam Roots Festival (NL)
4 juillet Festival Roskilde (Danemark)
6 juillet Festival Afrika Hertme (NL)
10 juillet La Roche sur Yon (F)
11 juillet Festival Kan al loar - Landerneau (F)
19 juillet Crossroads Festival - Cracovie (Pologne)
24 juillet Festival Musica di mundo - Sines (Portugal)
2 August Festival Bout du Monde - Crozon (F)


2013 : New album " Taboussiz Niger "
fvrier 2013
Production/Editor : Innacor Records
Physical and digital distribution : L'Autre Distribution (France and World)
4000 exs
The 5 tracks on sonicbids EPK are not the final versions (not mastered)

1999 : "Denk-Denk" // Daqui & Harmonia Mundi,
2000 > 2001 (re-editions) : "Alatoumi" // Daqui (2000) & Harmonia Mundi // World Village WV470003 (2001)
2006 : "Via Campesina" // Daqui & Harmonia Mundi

Set List

1- Bowdi (6,10)
2-Daneedjo (5,38)
3-Mali (5,36)
4-Habdé (3,58)
5-Karma (6,52)
6-Kissey (5,46)
7-Kountché (5,52)
8-La Famille (4,28)
9-Mansarro (3,08)
10- Tabousissé ((4,38)