Mama's Black Sheep

Mama's Black Sheep

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

If you take one guitar, a bunch of drums, two amazing voices, a dash of humor, a touch of love, and some outrageously strong musicianship…mix ‘em all together…and stir well….you’ve got the recipe for a great time. Mama’s Black Sheep is sure to deliver absolute entertainment for any crowd.


Mama’s Black Sheep is the soulful collaboration of singer-songwriters Ashland Miller (guitar/vocals) and Laura Cerulli (drums/vocals). Together, this duo creates a blend of hit worthy originals and covers with a unique spin.  Each song allows you to travel with time, whether you’re swinging to Country, Rocking to Pop, Grooving to Soul, or swaying to the Blues; there’s always something to move your body and stir your soul! 

Touring together since 2008, Miller & Cerulli (veterans of the singer-songwriter circuit), will make you feel like every aspect of their journey is in Real-Time. Creating a sound all of their own, Mama’s Black Sheep is driven by Miller’s versatile guitar grooves, Cerulli’s innovative percussion, and two voices that blend like honey & whiskey in perfect harmonious balance. These ladies rock to their own beat, sharing songs of life and love, and empowering the listener to live boldly beyond the barriers.

With two well received CD’s to their credit (Unmarked Highway, 2010; Drivin’ On, 2011) the duos newest recording,“Live @ The Bevy” was released in 2016. “Live @ The Bevy” is a full length concert DVD/CD set recorded at the Bevy In Birdtown in the Cleveland, OH area. The new recording features eight original songs along with some of their most requested covers. Mama’s Black Sheep has been burning up the road touring extensively throughout the continental U.S. and the Caribbean, playing nearly 200 shows a year. While much of their touring is done as a duo, they are occasionally seen as a trio, or full band with the addition of violin and/or bass.
Prior to Mama’s Black Sheep, Ashland toured for twelve years as part of the award-winning acoustic duo, CommondbonD, releasing six CD’s, performing on The Nashville Network (TNN), and showcasing their music in forty states, as well as overseas. Ashland’s songwriting, harmonies, and creative musical arrangements, have been shared on stage with talent such as John Mayer, Ritchie Havens, Catie Curtis, and Sophie B. Hawkins.
Laura previously fronted her own band, Cerulean Groove. She toured internationally from 2005-2008 as a full time member of SONiA & disappear fear. Her unique style has been appreciated everywhere from The Kerrville Folk Festival (TX), to The Barns at Wolftrap (VA), to the High Sierra Music Festival (CA), to The Red Roof Women’s Festival (Ontario), and even ‘down under’ at the Woodford Folks Festival (AUS).

Ashland and Laura, produce magical tapestries of songs, weaving energetic color and rich texture to create an infectious and lively conversation between guitar and percussion. Miller’s passionate voice will make you laugh, cry, feel inspired, and ultimately, desire more.  Bob Steel of “Baltimore Out Loud” writes “Cerulli opens her mouth and the world stands still as she wrings every drop of emotion out of the lyrics with her powerful, soaring voice, forged in the fires of the blues and tempered in the cool technique of her classical training.”
This thought-provoking duo will tantalize your aural appetite, regardless of your musical taste buds, with a diverse blend of blues, soul, country, pop, and more by unapologetically dipping into the well of all music genres. It’s called soulful, poetic story telling with an irresistible groove.


I Am Here

Written By: Laura Cerulli

I am here
Words & Music by Laura Cerulli ©2008
you’re awfully quiet when i’m with you
but i know you have much to tell me
and even though i know it’s scary
you can trust me i could never hate you
and if you take that big plunge
into the deep end and you’re drowning in your fears
well you’re not alone in this one
cause i am here, i am here
well i know it’s never easy
to tell the truth when you think it will hurt me
but i’m a big girl and i can take it
and if i can’t well, then we’ll never make it
and you might fool some, but you’ll never fool me
when you’re smiling through your tears
and you’re not alone in this one
cause i am here, i am here
and if you need someone to listen
or someone to lean on
you know i’ll understand
and if you need some space, some time
i will give you all i can
because i love you
as if i had to even say
well i don’t know where we’re headed
i can’t see the future, can’t make a promise
but i will say, that i’m happy
to be on your journey, if you’ll have me

and if we’re drivin down this unmarked highway
and the answers are unclear
well you’re not alone in this one
and for now i’m callin shotgun
no you’re not alone in this one
cause i am here, i am here


Ashland & Laura have released more than a dozen albums collectively with other projects. Mama's Black Sheep currently has three recordings:

-Unmarked Highway (2010)

-Drivin' On - Live from the road (2012)

-Live @ The Bevy [a two disc dvd/cd set] (2016)

Set List

Mama's Black Sheep features the original songs of Ashland Miller & Laura Cerulli. The band also mixes in covers ranging from classics [Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt, Prince, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stevie Wonder] to today [Matt Nathanson, O.A.R., Christina Perri, Blake Shelton]. Generally we play about 70% original and 30% cover, but we can adjust that depending on the situation/crowd. Mama's Black Sheep is available for shows from 1-4 hours in length. Most sets are about 45 minutes with a 20 minute break in between sets.