Mama's Dirty Li'l Secret
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Mama's Dirty Li'l Secret

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"(Review) Mama’s Dirty Lil’ Secret at Bowery Electric"

by Sky Disco

The high energy soul-punk that Mama’s Dirty Lil’ Secret brings is not to be missed. With each band member wearing all white and donning white instruments, they make one think of that “not-so-virgin” bride dressed in pure white, marrying her 5th husband.

The mini-mosh pit that formed during their electric performance last night at the intimate Bowery Electric felt huge. There was a French guy there, and as he frantically bounced all over the floor, he shouted: “Finally! Some real New York rock band, before we go back home!” before initiating football practice with another zealous female patron.

The members of Mama’s Dirty Lil’ Secret all brought unique sex appeal. Every time frontman The Deacon shouted “Rock Hard!”, the audience responded with: “Rock Sexy!” It was quite catchy, and I found myself joining in the naughty fun of it. The drummer, known as JavOnDrums, made it through 3 songs before removing his shirt to reveal the results of his (at least) 5-day weeks at the gym. When I asked the bouncing, gyrating bassist what his stage name – Oki Kintama – meant, he grinned and said: “Something bad in Japanese.” I was tickled silly. (I later found out from The Deacon what it means, but it’s NSFW.)

Mama’s Dirty Lil’ Secret, whose debut album is called “In Your Mouth”, will begin recording a new album in early 2012.
- Feast of

"On CD: In Your Mouth by Mama’s Dirty Little Secret"

When I got the CD IN YOUR MOUTH by MAMA’S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET I just felt compelled to listen to it immediately.

The band is described thusly:
“The power trio that is Mama’s Dirty Lil’ Secret delivers a musical punch that can only be described as the sonic love child born of the torrid love affair between Soul and Punk. With big soulful choruses, catchy riffs, booming bass and thunder grooves, you will catch the Mama’s Dirty Lil’ Secret spirit and cut loose and rock. Influence: Prince, Kiss, Van Halen, Neil Sedaka, ’80s Hair Metal.”

The album consists nine well crafted punk rock tracks. The production is good, but a little trebly, but that’s to be expected this type of music. To me, it had a Dead Kennedys feel to it. All the instruments are well played, and I was shocked to find that a trio puts out such strong music. The vocals are beautiful and smooth, almost to the point you’re shocked that he’s not in pop music.

I’d call this a thoroughly enjoyable album and certainly worth your time to listen to it. - Baxojayz – Centricity

"Gulf Coast Music Review – “In Your Mouth”"

My Review: Allrighty now! I’ve done reviews of jazz/heavy metal fusion, post-Dada music and some other strange combinations, so why not Soul Punk? You know what? I like it!

In most Punk bands you don’t see much “showcasing” of say, the lead guitarist, bass player or the drummer. This is different. In “I Confess” Damn’s drums dominate, in “They All Want Something” you have some funky bass lines from The Monster and its all held together with the “glue” of The Deacon’s straight ahead guitar. In “Why Don’t You Love Me?” You really feel the soul come through in the lyrics. Change it up a little and it would make a nice blues piece.

The music is very catchy. It makes you want to move to the beat, tap your toes, get up and dance, whatever, you feel compelled to move to it. Its the kind of music you want to play over and over again.

Hopefully, Soul Punk will catch on with today’s youth, it would be a nice alternative to “gangsta rap” and hardcore punk. It sounds pretty danceable, too. I’m going to rate Mama’s Dirty Li’l Secret 10 stars and a “thumbs up”! Punk O’ Funk! I like that! Rock On! - Gulf Coast Music Review

"Punchy wake up music"

Promo tells us – “Soul Punk.” Straight outta Brooklyn, NY, the power trio that is Mama’s Dirty Lil’ Secret delivers a musical punch that can only be described as the sonic love child born of the torrid love affair between Soul and Punk. With big soulful choruses, catchy riffs, booming bass and thunder grooves, Mama’s Dirty Lil’ Secret have carved a special niche in the ears of music fans everywhere.

The Deacon heads up this triumvirate with his neo-Romeo vocals and straight-ahead rock/ska guitar stylings. The 2-man frontline is rounded out with the animalistic, bombastic bass of The Monster – the funky punk, punk o’ funk. And last but not least, Damn provides the non-stop, pulse-pounding, pimp-your-mama-punk-metal drums that gets you off your seat and on your feet!

Beehive Opinion – Some promo’s are actually quite fair and reflect matters as they are, the above we feel falls into that. Punchy wake up music, just dont be too close to your air guitar when you play them.
- Beehive Candy


"In Your Mouth"

"Big City, Dirty Nights"
"The Dirty Mix" (Limited Release)

"My Favorite Things" (Cover)
"Dirty Nights"
"Dirty Valentine"
"I Think I'm Going To Lose It"
"It's All In My Head"
"I'mma Have To Leave You"
"What Do You Really Want? (Makes You Feel Naughty)"
"I'm Losing Myself Again"
"Cray Cray"
"Hell-To-The-No" (feat. Kitana)
"I Confess"

Radio/Podcasts play:
"It's Been A Minute Since I Needed You"
"My Favorite Things (Rock Sexy Cover)"
"Dirty Nights"
"Dirty Valentine"
"Rock & Roll Whore"
"One More Dead"
"'Cuz I Want To (Motherfucka')"
"Cray Cray"
"They All Want Something"
"It's All In My Head"
"What Do You Really Want?"
"I Will Not Be Afraid"



“Soul Punk”
If Prince were punk…

Longing for the time when rockers rocked, heads banged, and bands were sexy, Mama’s Dirty Lil’ Secret began their journey to Rock Sexy. They spent years writing and developing their “soul punk” sound and live show climaxing in their debut album “In Your Mouth!”

With it’s big, soulful choruses, catchy melodies, booming bass and raw rock grooves, “In Your Mouth” gained buzz in the NYC underground in a time when the industry was in absolute turmoil.

With as much importance to entertain – “The show is back!” – the crowds at their high-energy live shows always leave chanting their manta “Rock Hard! Rock Sexy!”

In 2010, Mama’s Dirty Lil’ Secret wrote, recorded and released one song a month for the entire year. Internet radio stations, both US and European, jumped on for the ride and played each song as they were released.
Backed by the bombastic rhythm section of JavOnDrums (drums) and Oki Kintama (bass, bg vocals), † The Deacon † heads up this triumvirate with his neo-Romeo vocals and punk-funk guitar stylings.

Next in their master plan is to take their rock sexiness on the road. First, hitting their region then onto Japan, Germany and Brazil!

Rock Hard! Rock Sexy!