Mama Shamone
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Mama Shamone

Brampton, England, United Kingdom

Brampton, England, United Kingdom
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Mama Shamone - Review"

Quite a few months back I stumbled across a band called Mama Shamone at 333, who rocked my socks so much my toes have been getting cold ever since. I've been waiting for them to release something, and I finally have a CD of their forthcoming debut single. It's a double-A side with 'Over' and 'You Got Me', and both are wicked.

The band have been gigging quite relentlessly round London venues recently..head over to 'Music like Dirt' for some really fantastic photos of a gig at the Rhythm Factory a couple of months ago.

MAMA SHAMONE - YOU GOT ME Although the single is great, you really have to see the band live. Frontwoman Mama is a star in the making, and impossible to take your eyes off on stage. She's also, I seem to remember, a little terrifying.

As far as I can tell, they're still unsigned. Which seems scandalous. Give 'em loads of money right now. - Pylon

"Mama Shamone - Live Review"

OVER mixes glitchy retro computer sounds with pulsating Electro and some fantastic guitars. This is
the kind of thing that Peaches should be making. The bit at 2.17 where it slows right down and
then rapidly speeds up is ace.

One half of YOU GOT ME sounds like a lost Pet Shop Boys classic. The other half is what The BellRays
would sound like if they discovered Synths. One part is all sweetness and light, the other is down and

FEEL sounds like 'Tubeway Army' or 'Joy Division' at their most pop (And pop at it's most f**ked up). The screeching towards the end gives Iggy Pop a run for his money.

FLIP X RULES THE WORLD also sounds like The Bellrays but with a nod towards The Donnas. The lyrics are about following your heart and damn what anybody else thinks.

SO GOOD is like something from the Blade Runner soundtrack that's gone off the deep end.



Forthcoming Debut Single

Over / You Got Me (Produced by Robert Harder)

Scheduled UK Release: TBC



Take this for a lead singer.
Take a good visual slurp of her provocative
body and brace yourself - you're about to
get hit with the sharpest tongue to come
out of Brixton since Lynton Kwesi Johnson.

Mama Shamone are without doubt the
most exciting live band in London right
now. Glimpse them in a photo and their
good looks will intrigue you. Catch a
track or two and their danceable rock
tunes will get you moving. But it's live
that this band really blow you away.

They have recently enjoyed playing the
Brick Lane Festival, In The City, 333,
Canvas, Now We're Off To Rehab,
Bastard Batty Bass, Kill All Hippies and
RUST in Copenhagen to name just a few.

Guitarist Flip X and bassist Ru have
broken instruments, been electrocuted
and knocked out without missing a beat.
But all eyes ultimately train on lead singer
Mama as she climbs walls, commits acts
of gratuitous violence and gets the whole
audience dancing and singing along in
every single show.

If you're looking for magazine looks
and cooler than f**k songs then
Mama Shamone ticks that box
without even trying - but you just
wouldn't be doing the band justice.
This is a band that makes real songs.
Sex, obsession, depravity, bitchiness
and coprophilia. You'll find them all in
Mama Shamone set to irresistibly
catchy tunes.

Mama Shamone have recently
been recording with producer
Robert Harder (Babyshambles,
Whitey, Bloc Party, Soho Dolls)
and will release a double A side
single Over / You Got Me in March.

You see, Mama Shamone loves the rock.
But they also love hip-hop and electronic
grooves and this makes them appeal to
gay clubbers, headbangers and pop tarts
alike. Add to that radio play and gigs in
some of the filthiest clubs in Berlin and
we would be talking quite a product, if
only Mama would let you see her that

She'll shove the mic down your throat
while you beg for one more song