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Athens, Georgia, United States | SELF

Athens, Georgia, United States | SELF
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"Mama’s Love CD Release Party at Buckhead Theater in Atlanta, GA"

Athens, Georgia-based Mama’s Love recently held a CD release party at the historic Buckhead Theater in downtown Atlanta, where they performed songs from the new album as well as some Christmas favorites for their enthusiastic fan base who came out to see them rock the stage. Made up of Thomas Galloway (lead vocals), William Boyd (keyboard), Whit Murray (lead guitar), Bo Nicholson (bass) and Ben Torbert (drums), Mama’s Love could be called an eclectic mix of the Grateful Dead and Phish with some Widespread Panic thrown in for good measure.

Like their predecessors, Mama’s Love’s music is syncopated rock that tends to seamlessly flow from one song into the next with strong guitar licks, good melodies and smooth, yet smoky vocals. Their sound has a late 60's and 70's classic rock feel to it and evokes memories of a better time in musical history; days when baby boomers were finishing high school and college, coming back from Vietnam, experiencing the mind-expanding times of Woodstock and more. As I listen to their music I can almost touch those nights of sitting in the back of a parked car, radio cranked loud to the local FM rock station, a pretty girl next to me as we… well, I’m sure you get the picture.

Reportedly deriving their name from a sandwich they found at a store in Auburn, Alabama, Mama’s Love brings a sense of warmth and comfort to their shows with a laid-back approach and good audience interaction. All five members of the band participate in the songwriting ventures for their material, becoming each others’ inspiration and influence as they continue to grow in their careers.

I wasn’t sure what I should expect as I made my way into the theater to see them live, and ended up finding myself pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I would recommend adding Mama’s Love as part of your concert-going schedule if they’re in your area, especially if you like good, old-fashioned classic rock jams that carry you away for the evening and leave you feeling as if you’ve taken a musical journey with them after the last note has been played. - Music News Nashville

"Mama's Love to 'spread the joy.'"

Issue date: 11/29/07 Section: Out & About

Friday night, students can "come get some mama's love" downtown as a young Athens-based band performs its homegrown tunes at The Library.

Four University students play in Mama's Love - lead singer and rhythm guitarist Thomas Galloway, bassist Patrick Atwater, drummer Ben Torbert and lead guitarist Taylor Knox. Keyboardist William Boyd completes the quintet.

Mama's Love thrives on a love of music but also believes music can inspire an atmosphere of positive change in the community.

"We love playing music, but you can use that joy you get from playing music to convey a positive message," Atwater said.

All of the members hail from Atlanta, where they each studied music in high school and played in various short-lived bands. Mama's Love was born - although under the title Funkward Bound - in the fall of 2006 when Torbert and Boyd traveled to the Classic City to perform before permanently uniting here in 2007.

As for the apt name change, Atwater said it was inspired by a slogan found on the wall of The Georgia Theatre.

"Going up the steps of the Theatre is a slogan (that reads) 'make mama proud.' We really liked the essence of that saying, and we made it our own into Mama's Love," he said. "It's a good vibe that we like to put into our music."
The group's music blends elements of rock, funk and soul in both original tunes and classic rock covers and has been a hit with fans at the 40 Watt, Tasty World, The Georgia Theatre and The Library.

In October, the band got its first bittersweet taste of a sold-out music festival after being selected as part of the lineup for the newly formed Echo Project in Fairburn, Ga. The lineup for the festival ranged from local acts such as Mama's Love and a variety of other Athens bands to nationally touring, multi-platinum bands.

"It was great to play in the midst of some of our musical heroes," Galloway said of the experience. "But it was humbling, because in a way we were at the bottom of the line, but we got a good crowd and hopefully gave them a good show."

As a way to combine its fondness for both music and goodwill, the band created a student organization called Mama's Community Love, which takes profits from fundraising events and concerts which are then donated to various community service organizations.

"Our love is music, and that's why we play. We hope to spread the joy that we get from music to as many people as we can," Atwater said. "The benefit shows are a way to channel that positive energy toward people who are in need."

Mama's Love has no plans to stop spreading that energy anytime soon. The post-graduation plans are to continue the band with as much ambition as before.

"We're going to try to get some tours going regionally, and hopefully expand it out further as far as we can," Gallo-way said.
- The Red & Black


Willow Street Sessions (2007) - Recorded at Starratt Studios in Watkinsville, GA. First full length LP from Mama's Love. Features Thomas Galloway, William Boyd, Ben Torbert, Taylor Knox, and Patrick Atwater.

Mama's Love EP (2009) - Recorded at Southern Tracks Studios in Atlanta, GA. This EP features a new line up known as Mama's Love 2.0: Thomas Galloway, William Boyd, Ben Torbert, Whit Murray, and Bo Nicholson

The Great Divide (2011) - Recorded at John Keane Studios in Athens, GA. This second full length LP features Mama's Love 2.0



Originally formed in Athens, Ga. in 2005, Mama’s Love still calls this music mecca its home. Continuous touring has built a devoted fanbase across Southeastern college towns and major music markets. The band gets invited back to play in clubs, theaters and fraternity houses across the region because its shows are "the heat". With a no-frills approach to playing live, Mama's Love rips original compositions full of complex instrumental arrangements and soulful lyrics.

Thomas Galloway, lead singer and guitarist, approaches his craft with a complete commitment to the songs he writes, letting each take shape from his classic rock and blues infused consciousness. The songs range from tall tales of giants and gunbattles, to poetic observations on divinity. All his lyrics are expertly crafted and delivered, an element that stands out the first time you hear the band. All this takes flight through the powerful playing of his bandmates.

Bo Hembree on lead guitar plays with speed and agility, lending and off-key pull to jams that makes them pleasantly dark and menacing. William Boyd on keyboards presents the opposite to Hembree. His playing is melodic and cheerful -- leading the band through complex song structures with expert, graceful skill. The rhythm section of Bill Baker on bass and Richard Chamberlin on drums is a combination of thunder and lightening, with each player possessing both qualities.
Mama's Love is a band for music lovers who like to mix in a little Led Zeppelin now and then. They make a pure and sweet kind of rock that hinges on solid song structure, aggressive playing, and zero obedience to the trends of late. Mama's Love plays rock, pure and simple.

Continuous touring has built a devoted fanbase across major music markets throughout the country. With influences like Little Feat, The Grateful Dead, and Steely Dan, they play with rare maturity and integrity. The demand to play in clubs, theaters, and college events across the country has been increasing with the rise of their musicianship, and the reception of their rowdy and loyal fanbase. The success of Mama’s Love today springs from strong creative chemistry, energetic live performances, and an ever-growing arsenal of classic songs.