"Mameli" is an ass kickin' Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll Band!!!


John Mameli of Naples, Fl. was named the winner out of five finalists who competed at the North American Rock Guitar Competition on Monday, June 20, 2005. The event, which was co-presented by the University at Buffalo Center for the Arts and WNED took place as part of the fifth annual WNED Buffalo Niagara Guitar Festival at U.B’s Center for the Arts.

John picked up the guitar at the age of twelve and started playing professionally in the music business at the age of fifteen. Since then he has been on and off the road throughout the United States with various major, local, cover and original bands in venues from nightclubs to small bards, concerts to festivals. John will soon be on the road promoting his new project "Mameli" a three piece rhythm & blues, rock and roll band.

The judges who determined the winner of the NORTH AMERICAN ROCK GUITAR COMPETITION before an audience of over 1000 people were: Vernon Reid, lead guitarist for the band Living Colour; Guitarist-vocalist, composer and artist Kat Dyson; Brett Scallions, lead singer of the band Fuel; Guitarist/singer/songwriter Debbie Davies; Associate Editor of Guitar Player magazine Jude Gold and Frank Johns from Gibson Guitar. Criteria for judging included technique/accuracy, range and variety, choice of material, melodic and rhythmic creativity, overall artistry/musical expression and stage presence.

Mameli received a cash prize of $1,500; a Gibson guitar and an “Austin City Limits” Festival getaway package. He also received the Tommy Tedesco Award, honoring the legendary Niagara Falls, NY-native, billed as “the most recorded guitarist in history” by Guitar Player magazine.


Can't Imagine

Written By: John Mameli

Can't Imagine what you do to me.
When the stars, they shine,
new to me
Stars let me know,
That thew mornings only show,
'til the nights,
I spend alone with you.
Can't Imagine what you do to me.
Every breath I take,
new to me.
High on a hill,
Life forever better still,
Can't compare,
The love I share with you.
High on a hill,
Life forever better still,
Can't compare,
The love I share with you.
Walking high,
On a heavens cloud,
Can't compare,
The love I share,
With you.

ode to joe

Written By: john mameli



Selected songs from the debut release, "MAMELI"

Set List

1. Doors
2. Stalk the Night
3. Town Without Pity
4. Bad Girl
5. Ode To Joe
6. Tell Me About You
7. Johnny's Walk
8. It Ain't Easy
9. Shake
10. Can't Imagine (Vocals)
11. Whiskey Drinkin' Woman
12. For Your Love
13. Can't Imagine (Instrumental)
14. Gunsinger