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London, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Electronic Techno


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"Fader Mix: Mamiko Motto"

The first week of January always feels a little like climbing a mountain backwards, so to speak, but music, as ever, helps oil the brain and move the feet. This first FADER Mix of 2015 is from Lithuanian-born, London-based DJ/producer Mamiko Motto and has plenty to get the juices flowing. The radio stalwart—her show Hepcat Radio has been on the air for 12 years on radio stations across Europe—has an ear for new music that bends the rules, and this mix is no exception. Dig in for the tongue-in-cheek flow of new NYC rapper Advanced Boi and German producer SCNTST's slow emo techno, plus listen out for a demo from R&B duo inc. and a live exclusive from PC Music's Danny L Harle. Catch Mamiko Motto's track-by-track notes on the mix after the jump.
Where are you right now? Describe your surroundings. I am currently in London, UK, where I just graduated from an audio engineering course at university over here, which was a lot of fun but now it feels great to be done with it and actually start an adult life. I am now spending 24/7 in my studio in Dalston, just making stuff, which is an unbelievable feeling of freedom. It really is the place where I am the happiest.
What is 2015 going to sound like? Being a child of the nightclub since very my early teens, I now relive the second generation of nightclub culture and it's interesting to see the music trends come and go again. 2015 will be a fantastic year. So many upcoming releases have been sent to me over the last few months, and most of them are completely next level. Personally, I am bringing happy hardcore back combined with X-rated dance music, almost to a pervert level. Sexy, crazy and deranged music is really something that rocks my boat and makes me happy. For example, Mr Oizo's The Church album on Brainfeeder is a number one album from last year for me, even though a lot of people told me they don't understand it. This year I am starting my new record label GASS with the slogan 'life's a gass.' It says it all really. I am planning to go all out there and showcase how f*cked up I really am and do it with pride. I will probably lose a lot of my followers all over again, but evolution is very important for me, and I never want to live my life as standing water.
You've long been a lynchpin of London's independent radio community. What's your favorite thing about being a broadcaster? I have been doing radio since I was a teen. I was 16 when I started broadcasting on a community station in Belgium. Radio is a really special part of my life because I have met a lot of amazing people through it and learned an enormous amount about music. In the radio studio, you don't feel the pressure to look better or act cooler—somehow radio eases me into my true personality and I even forget sometimes that someone is listening. I just play music I would play at home for my small circle of friends, and being able to make a career out of that is the biggest blessing.
What's your favorite dish to cook and how do you make it? I really used to be a tight cook, but recently I have been living such a busy life that I barely spend time at home. I always grab something really quick out or enjoy my flatmate's food, who's Italian and cooks for me all the time. That said, I love avocado and lately I'm into snacking on small bites of avo slices with seaweed caviar that I get imported from Belgium. I'm fancy :)
01. Oneohtrix Point Never, "Rush"
"Oneohtrix Point Never has been around for a while, but his latest works for Warp are just next level for me, and his own record label Software has a lot of very good and unknown so far low-key artist material. I am a true fan when it comes to OPN."
02. The Phantom, "Turtles All The Way Down"
"I got introduced to this artist by my Brooklyn buddy and Astro Nautico daddy, Obey City. This is a Polish guy called Bartosz Kruczynski. I've been listening to a lot of cinematic/ambient music recently and I love how retro but still so current Phantom's sound is. I am a dead Phil Collins fan and I hear a bit of that in his music."
03. Advanced Boi, "Tigers & Bananas"
"This is a fresh new artist from NYC, who I met on my last USA tour. I honestly haven't been so excited about a rapper for a while. I really loooooove how raw and sarcastic his lyrics are and the whole image just takes me back to VHS films about the late '80s New York era. (Which the whole Astro Nautico crew is about, really.) I really believe this kid has a big future and will end up doing big things if he gets noticed by the industry heads—and I'm sure he will. Watch this space. Astro Nautico launched his debut video, 'Advance Yourself,' a few weeks ago."
04. Danny L Harle, "Faded Edit (Live)"
"Danny L Harle is currently my favorite producer from London. He releases under the PC Music umbrella, which is probably the fastest rising record label of the decade. I had A G Cook on my NTS radio show before anyone had a clue who he really was, or who he was about to become, and now he and his team are not only the hottest thing in UK's underground music, but global computer music spiceballs too. Danny L Harle's tracks "Broken Flowers" and "In My Dreams" are straight up Eurovision hits and to see 100,000 SoundCloud plays in 12 hours or so makes my heart melt. "Faded Edit" is a little exclusive skit from his current live sets. Look out for the debut album from Danny—it will be insane, I promise."
05. Spank Rock, "12 O'Clock Boys"
"Spank Rock doesn't need an introduction. I am a huge fan of Boys Noize records and all Spank Rock releases are off all chainz. Personally, he's my favorite rapper right now."
06. Four Tet, "Parallel Jalebi (Hudson Mohawke Remix)"
"'Parallel Jalebi' is probably my all time favorite track from Four Tet, and on this remix HudMo not only brings it back but takes it to another level—just like anything HudMo does. A few weeks ago I hung out at his studio and he played me his new album. I am not allowed to say much more, but it's finished and ready to be out this year on Warp Records. There is this insane slow-jam with Antony Hegarty on it that [made me] die and be reborn 12 times while listening to it. 2015 will see a HudMo x Mamiko reunion in some shape and form, but you will just have to wait a lil longer for more info.
07. Azealia Banks, "BBD"
"Azealia: amazing young girl that everyone loves to hate. She's a true artist, with pure talent, and amazing new collaborations and tunes to be released in 2015. I am proud to see strong young women coming through like that with a zero f*cks given attitude and being a badass as she is."
08. Suicideyear, "Don't Worry"
"I firstly came across Suicideyear when Brodinski sent me his first track on his Bromance label, "Finale." Soon, I got whole bunch of mixtape beats from him which all sounded unique in a way and made me feel. I like to speak of him as the David Lynch of hip-hop. He's working on a few great projects this year that you will find out in your own time. We gonna collab this year too, so watch out for that."
09. Arca, "Bullet Chained"
"Arca is crack and I am on it. That is all."
10. Escor Krist, "Body Work"
"Escor Krist is an LA-based young producer, again from the Boys Noize family. I just love love love him. I think he's my in my top three ones to watch in 2015 because of his retro sound and flow that I call 'Total Recall.' I grew up on happy hardcore and gabber music so for me his upcoming record is crazy. 10/10."
11. Napolian, "Return"
"Another young producer from Los Angeles who works with OPN and releases on Daniel's record label, SOFTWARE. This is an exclusive little track called "Return," which is a little bit more beautiful and less gangster than his previous works. It leaves me really curious to hear his full-length which is scheduled for a 2015 release on SOFTWARE."
12. Sharp Eagle Platform, "Harpies (Mamiko Motto Warpedfux Edit)"
"This is from a brand new record label called NHX. It's two guys making computer music, or maybe it's better titled as 'art music' perhaps. I'm into this stuff big time these days. It's a little bit post-rave, teenage rage.
13. Mykki Blanco, Untitled
"Mykki, the punk dog. Another NYC boi who really came through last year. I love how original he is, and he's actually an incredibly good live performer. I love how dirty he is and I'm really looking forward to seeing him evolve in 2015. It will be Mykki time."
14. SCNTST, "Kristall Edition (Fusion Mix)"
"I met this kid before he released any of his music. To be honest, now that I think of it, I don't even remember how it happened that I met him so early in his game. SCNTST is one of my favorite techno producers, who I also featured on my last compilation AMADA. Apart from the fact that I think SCNTST is a continuously progressing producer, he's also only 19 years old and he makes five tracks a day and mails them through Skype to me—this guy is here to stay. This track is taken from his new Puffer album, which is all this slow emo techno music. It's out February 16th on Boys Noize."
15. inc., "Our Time (Demo)"
"Last but not least, can we just staaaaaaahhhhhppppp for a second and take a moment to talk about inc.? One of the greatest bands of our generation, imo, and I am beyond ecstatic to hear about their return. This is a newly released demo from a couple of year ago but the guys are telling me they have an album ready. There's no official date yet but it's definitely 2015—lucky us." - Fader

"Mamiko Motto Mix"

Though she resides in London, Lithuanian-born Mamiko Motto lives in a universe of her own. A true one-off, her cult-followed Hepcat Radio show and live DJ sets pack as much punch as the globetrotter’s personality. 11 years strong, Hepcat Radio has travelled from Antwerp to Amsterdam to its current home at London’s NTS Radio. With off-the-wall dialogues and beats of every persuasion, you never quite know what thought Mamiko might pull out of her head, or what record out of her bag. She keeps listeners on their toes, as well as the electronic music world as a whole, constantly uncovering tucked-away records and underrated artists. Mamiko’s latest project AMADA (All City Records) is a compilation with a pristine selection of producers and sounds that brings her many talents together, all seamlessly mixed to tell a love story. Many roads led to this point, but here’s Mamiko’s own story, live and direct. Jazz Beginnings

I was born in Lithuania in capitol city called Vilnius. My father used to sponsor this international jazz festival. He would take me there every year from the age of 3, and this was the first time I saw other races. In Lithuania there were only Lithuanian people. Imagine. Not even on TV! This festival was my first biggest inspiration and eye opener. I got to see people like George Benson, Jimi Tenor and Herbie Hancock.

I started going out to raves when I was about 12. And that was it: the change was there. I can remember very well because I packed up all my toys, drove with my father to an orphanage house and gave them away. Overnight I became an adult! There was this really famous DJ at the time called DJ Saga who used to put up these massive raves. They'd usually be in all these really old governmental buildings, near some post second World War cultural spaces. It would always be 5,000-7,000 people and they would play like happy hardcore. Reel Talk

I met a guy whose father owned a nightclub. He would teach me to DJ on reel to reel tapes, just before the club would open. I was 12. I was into electronic music, more like Orbital stuff. It was incredibly difficult to get records in Lithuania - or any kind of music - because there were no record stores at all. When I did start playing real vinyl, we'd have to get records from someone in Germany, which would take about 2 months. Ordering via internet was impossible because no one wanted to ship to Lithuania. In Vilnius there were like 10 DJs so we'd all swap records with each other, which means the same 10 records would be played over and over by different people throughout the year.

Adventures in Belgium

I finished high school much younger than other people, at 16. I found out Antwerp had the best fashion academy in Europe, so I bought a bus ticket with my best friend and just went. We ended up spending three days on the street in Antwerp, just going from club to club. We left our suitcases in a locker in the train station. We would have a little nap near the river here and there. I met this house DJ from Paris named Jef K and ended up hanging out with him. He introduced me to the entire creme de la creme of Belgium, all the successful artists of every kind. And suddenly I was a part of this amazing Belgian scene, hanging out with them every weekend. Toilet DJing

When I ran out of money in Antwerp, I met this gay guy named Frank and he invited me to his New Year party to watch and clean the toilets. I became a cleaning girl for Frank’s house. In the middle of the night at one of his parties, I asked one DJ if I could DJ with his records. I did it and everyone loved it! People were going up to Frank like, ‘The toilet girl is such a good DJ!’ Frank loved it too, and he ended up asking me be his assistant at his hairdresser salon. He was this high fashion hair dresser that was cutting hair for all these models and Belgian French fashion world people. When I was 17, I got myself a radio show on this radio channel in Belgium, a community radio called Radio Centraal. Everyone at the station were Aquarius looking men: over 50 with long grey hair. After three months, my radio show became the number one listened to show on the station and they gave me a peak time, on Fridays from 6-7pm. This was the true beginnings of Hepcat Radio. Kindred Spirits

I got asked to create a soundtrack for the opening ceremony for Museumnacht (Museum Night) in November 2009, for the entire city of Amsterdam. It’s a yearly thing - over 40 museums are open all night and they have special exhibitions and loads of live music. Hermitage Museum had been closed for restoration work for 7 years, so the opening ceremony of the museum night was held in the inside garden. The soundtrack I created was seen by 27,000 people or so. It was really atmospheric and abstract music, I wouldn’t say it was a hit!

Enter HudMo

I met Hudson Mohawke completely, accidentally, somehow, and ended up going with him on tour for two years as his support DJ. Apparently he was a fan of my show and had all the archives on his computer in Glasgow. We ended up going to Australia, Japan, America, all over the world throughout 2008 to 2010. We also recorded a song together (me under my Wednesday Night alias) ‘ Paint The Stars’ that came out on Warp, on the 20th Anniversary box set & compilation. I used to record funny voice-overs for his sets, pretending to be Whitney Houston or Grace Jones. We were just kids traveling 3-4 times a week, from city to city, from country to country, having fun. NTS & Beyond

At the end of 2010, I met Femi Edmund Adeyemi, who’s the founder of NTS Radio. I ended up spending the rest of 2010 and all of 2011 just working setting up the station and dedicating my time to NTS. I’m very proud of what NTS has become. It has reached the ears of people from all over the world. It’s funny because we still broadcast it from the original “shack’ lookalike place. A very small team started the whole adventure, just a small bunch of human hands. Right now I’m going to university. It's a fast course of 3 years jammed into 2 at SAE, studying audio engineering. I’m excited about 2014. I’m very excited about my TV show called CHATTO MAMIKO - it will launch very soon on Youtube. It’s a special collaboration with my good friend and amazing artist from Detroit called GMCFOSHO. It’s a sort of chat show but not your regular chat show at all. Just wait and see.


'Amada' in Mexican means "loved one /lover." It makes me think of a planet. Adam Rodgers created the artwork; he’s out of one of my very favorite record labels and crews in UK, Numbers.

I built the tracklist as if it were phases of relationships. There's the exciting, the unknown part where everything is great. Then with James Pants' 'Ritual Magik' (track 5), things are starting to be complicated and fights are coming through. Later there is a break up and the stage of feeling lost. The comp ends with with a possibility the relationship to go both ways, either getting back together or moving on. That part I wanted the listener to be able to decide. I just hope that people will hear this compilation in different places on this planet and these tracks will touch them in some ways. - Dazed & Confused

"Interview: Mamiko Motto"

Mamiko Motto is never idle. Between Hepcat Radio, her weekly show for NTS, her regular DJ gigs and her full-time university studies, she’s constantly busy, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s just about to drop Amada, a 14-track compilation full of exclusive material for Dublin’s All City Records, and we caught up the Lithuanian-born, London-based DJ to talk Eurovision, ballet, how she connects the dots between Total Recall and Björk and much more…
So what have you been up to recently? “I am studying full time audio engineering. It’s an intense course without any holidays, so I pretty much have exams all through out the year. In the meantime trying to finish up all the small details for the compilation that I have coming up on All City Records.” How long have you been on the course? “I’m nearly done with the first year. I still got one more to go.” Has it been hard to fit things like the compilation and the radio show around it? “It’s not easy, but I wouldn’t want it the other way around. I love pressure. It makes me more creative. I somehow noticed that for a while now. Even if I have three months deadline to do a mix or something I will end up recording it in the last eight hours and it will turn out just as good or even better as if I would be doing in ‘relaxed’ mode. I like to call myself last minute baby when I’m stressed … but all that stress somehow turns my creative engine on to the maximum so it suits me.”
Can you tell us how you first linked up with All City? “I met Olan quite a few years ago when I was touring with Hudson Mohawke and was hanging with Mike Slott. I think first we met in 2008 or 2009 when Mike Slott, Hudmo and I had a gig in Twisted Pepper. I really enjoyed that weekend. I remember I made everyone watch Eurovision before the gig. I LOVE Eurovision.” I can’t imagine they enjoyed that. “It was very funny, cause we all were waiting for the Lithuanian band to come up, cause I’m Lithuanian, but unfortunately we turned the TV six minutes past the programme start and Lithuanians came first, so eventually we watched like other 20 countries, and never got to see the Lithuanian song. Put it that way… Everybody felt a big relief when Olan said ‘We have to go to the club now’. I was bit gutted. But it was an amazing party and I have very good memories about Dublin. Mike Slott also had a talking parrot, who’s called McLaud or Mcloud. I spent the rest of the weekend trying to tame him but he wasn’t having it. I’m really looking forward to return to Ireland. I really enjoyed my stay in Dublin every time I was there.”
Getting back to the compilation – how did you go about choosing the artists to feature on it? I know you’ve been championing Mweslee and Dorian Concept for a long time, but the other artists? “I’m just constantly looking out for something new , something different. Hosting a radio show for 10 years kind of trained me to I think. On weekly basis I try to surprise my listener and play a set of music that they wouldn’t come across themselves but would still love the sound of it. It somehow always was important for me to feel and make others feel too. This compilation is really based on feelings. It has 13 of my current and all-time favorite producers who I respect for their quality or originality. And a few very young artists like SCNTST or Silkersoft who are barely 19 years old and already developing original sound. I started working in the music industry being really young and now as I am older I really want to support young talents. It’s very important to me.” That’s cool. Since you mention him, I really love that SCNTST track, he’s got such a unique sound. “Yes. I am very happy I’ve met him. He is now signed to Boys Noize records, and has an incredible debut album coming out on 22nd of November, its called Self Therapy. It’s really mature in sound for someone so young. Bryan or SCNTST sends me three new tracks a day via Skype. He’s like a machine and I’m happy to notice that he’s just getting better and better in his skills. He will go very far if he’ll keep his ambition.”
The compilation has been in the making for a while now – what’s it been like putting it together, and why has it taken so long? “It’s a number of things. First of all it’s an exclusive compilation. Tracks have been deliberately made for this project. That takes time. It was a bit like conducting an orchestra. After producers made those tracks I still had to like them and accept them then I had to present them to Olan and get the pass too. Being perfectionist as I am is really tough on the job too. I had to find many perfect solutions for many not perfect situations which always pays in time. Finally we are here and the feedback and demand is incredible so far so I can not wait to share this compilation with everyone.” I’ve really enjoyed listening to it the past few days. It’s got a great diversity to it. “It definitely is very diverse. I was never sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. But eventually I decided to go with it as my aim was to create more of a listening experience than a selection of tracks for DJs to play in clubs if you know what I mean.”
The artwork is incredible – do you think it ties in with the music? “The artwork is incredible indeed. I definitely think it ties with me. Everyone who knows me says, ‘Oh Mamiko this artwork is you on paper’. It’s so true. I think it’s young, vibrant, inspiring and uplifting, and it gives you freedom to think for yourself just as I believe this compilation gives you freedom to your own thoughts and feelings.”
Your main role is as DJ, but you’ve done some production work – is there any more of that on the horizon? “Yes. I had to focus on my studies this year. I had a lot of physics, acoustics, decibel and all sort of theory lessons that I had to study hard, and working on the compilation and radio shows, DJ gigs, I ended up barely ever having any time to make music. Now as I’m pretty much done with the hardest stage of university and my future plans are kind of clear for 2014 I am really looking forward to finally finish my debut EP myself. I even have several labels who are interested in releasing it, but I just have to finish it.” Can you talk about what it’s going to be like yet? “You know it is difficult for me to describe it. It’s definitely electronic music. I would probably call it TOTAL RECALL genre. But a lot of friends of mine who heard it say it sounds like Björk a lot. So I guess somewhere between Arnold Schwartzneger and Björk … Ahhh I’m talking crazy again. You will just have to wait and hear it yourself.” Do you sing on it? Or is it instrumental? “I sing a lot… lately even more and more, but i am not sure I will end up using any of my demos with my voice on it. Total Recall is my favorite film in the world, I know it by heart. One of my favorite things about it is the sets. I’m really fascinated by all sorts of trucks and those big monster lookalike gadgets. None of superior graphics would ever change that for me.” Like the Björk ‘Army of Me‘ video? “Oh yeah that video is great too. See, maybe at the end there is a connection there!”
The way you DJ is, as far as I know, deliberately haphazard. Have you faced much conflict over that? “It depends you know. I definitely do that at the radio. Radio feels a bit like my home where I just play music I want to hear and let my friends hear too. As for clubs. It depends. If it’s a cosy capacity and If my spiritual animal feels good inside then we go for it. But if I play in front big audience I have to deliver energy which I have to say I more and more enjoy doing. I probably would call my sets organised confusion. Even if I mix 100 genres in 30 minutes set I still know what I’m doing in my head. (Or at least I hope I do). I just want people to hear something fresh and new rather than same 50 tracks that knock about your regular digital record stores.”
I know you haven’t lived there for a while, but do you keep up with music from Vilnius? Could you recommend any Lithuanian artists for us? “Yes. I don’t live there for a long time and I don’t visit Lithuania as much as I should, but I still got very warm feelings for my homies. I recommend producers called Marriage Proposal or Boyfriend. Mondayjazz are always doing good things and all my Satta Festival crew are putting Lithuania on the electronic music map. We have a strong Jazz & Classical music culture as well as Ballet which I am particularly proud of.” Did you do ballet as a child? “Yes. It was my first dream to be a ballet dancer. I started going to classes since I was three but eventually my father had to teach economics in Russia or Germany and there was no one to take me there. At the same time the ballet standards in eastern Europe were really particular, and it always seemed like I was too chubby as a child. But my heart still bleeds a bit remembering how sad I was to be forced to quit my first life dream ever, lol. I couldn’t ever pronounce it. I used to say I want to be ‘baralina’, cause I couldn’t pronounce L, and would replace it with R. Lithuania is a nice little country. It would be difficult for me to say it otherwise. Vilnius is really pretty and looks a bit like mini Vienna. We also have seaside and loads of forest, nature. It’s cute.”
When was the last time you danced? “This morning. I have a dancing routine every morning unless I’m really late. But I start my day with the shower, coffee and nice fake karaoke/dance/getting dressed kind of performance for myself in the mirror. Usually to some 80s jams. It always puts me in the good mood to start the day and face the world.”
What’s your drink of choice? “Vodka. I drink vodka lime soda. LOL. Not gonna say anything else.” What brand of vodka? “Grey Goose is fantastic brand. But I also love Lithuanian Vodka a lot. I think they really do a very good job at it. I always try to bring back some bottles when I travel there. Otherwise on a no special occasion kind of night I drink Russian Standard or Stolichnaya.” - Truants


Still working on that hot first release.


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