Mammoth Hunter

Mammoth Hunter


we're that loud band with no singer... yeah that one.


mammoth hunter began in august 2006 by filling a tba slot on a show at a local knights of columbus hall with 3 songs written the previous night at our practice space in Farmington, CT. That first show was recorded and sold as thier first ep. Those 3 songs earned them shows opening for bands as diverse as Jucifer, Charalambides, and Moonspell, as well as having a follow up live ep released by Massachusetts indie label Withdrawn Records.

in january 2007 mammoth hunter went to vermont to record with engineer justin pizzoferrato (dinosaur jr, apollo sunshine, witch) to record what became the woods ep, and songs that will soon be released as their first full-length. The rest of january was spent with a week on the road including a few days with syracuse, ny's seagrave, and a show with black metal icons dark funeral, and enslaved.

with influences including sonic youth, my bloody valentine, mogwai, and earth; mammoth hunter hopes to create something interesting, enjoyale, and of course loud.


live 1 ep. recorded august 2006 3"cd - 50 copies
live 2 ep. recorded november 2006 cd - released by withdrawn records (
woods ep. recorded january 2007 - 30 promo copies given out, tracks from upcoming full length recorded by justin pizzoferrato (
3"cd- 3 tracks recorded january 2007

Set List

most mammoth hunter sets are about 30 minutes in length. all original compositions/improv.