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The best kept secret in music


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Feeling a bit camera shy


The seeds of MAMMY were first sown when Matt Woodall and Curt Wojcik met in 7th grade, 1985. Their love of obscure comedies, Led Zeppelin and candy made them fast friends. After 8th grade tragedy struck when Matt and Curt went to different high schools. Over the next two and half years the two rarely, if at all, saw each other.

At the age of 15 Matt got his first guitar and started to teach himself how to play. Rarely putting the guitar down, he drove his mother nuts by playing Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love" insessantly. Towards the end of high school at the dawning of the 90's Matt and Curt were reunited at one of their friend's house. Admist secret beers and funyons Matt began playing Grateful Dead songs on the guitar. Curt, who had been toying with the idea of playing guitar, was encouraged and soon began his own quest into the self taught guitarist realm.

During the college years Matt and Curt played together quite often and would teach each other different songs and chords. For their own amusement, Matt and Curt along with another boyhood friend Tom Zeberkiewicz, began writing their own offensive and irreverant songs such as "Damaged Goods", "Madame May I Please Shit In Your Toilet?", "Fat Ass Pig" and "The Continuing Tale Of The Fat Ass Pig". Matt, Curt and Zebe would continue writing songs for the rest of the decade and would occasionally play at open mic's.

Late in 1999 at a bar, Matt and some friends wondered who the beautiful blonde haired girl was with Curt. Turned out it was Curt's sister Tess. Matt was pleased. Curt saw them behaving as young lovers outside another bar later that night but didn't get mad. With Curt's blessings, Matt and Tess fell in love and got married.

Matt and Curt, now family, began playing music together even more frequently. Tess loved music and ever since she was a young girl, had wanted to play the drums. So one day early in 2001 she decided to buy a drumkit and join in on the magic. She had a natural ability on the drums and added a big boost to the energy of the performances.

Together Tess, Curt and Matt formed the band MAMMY. The influences of the band run the gamut from delta blues, outlaw country, british invasion, cosmic american, jam bands, alternative and psychadelic. MAMMY is currently playing the Delaware/Philadelphia band circuit.