Rock, Pop, Alternative, Acoustic, Instrumental, Ambient. I play shows with my band (5 piece) and also acoustic performances alone or with two other musicians. I write music for theatre and cinema also.


Andrius Mamontovas:
1983-1997 leader of the most succesfull Lithuanian band FOJE. 15 albums and up to 60 000 people at our concerts.
Since 1998 I am a solo artist. I have around 200 songs released on different albums.
I'm also produce the other artists in Lithuania and act in E.Nekrosius ( production "Hamlet" as a main character.
I have written music for several films and theatre performances.
With my concerts and theatre performaces I've visited around 40 countries, performing in the small clubs, theatres and also festivals.
In 2006 with the especially for the event formed band LT United we've won the 6th place at the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens with the ironical song "We Are The Winners Of Eurovision".
I've been signed to many labels in Lithuania. I'm signed to Forman Bross in L.A.
Also I'm planing to establish my own record company.



Written By: Andrius Mamontovas

It’s in the morning
When everything is broken
Feels like I surrender
Telling words unspoken
I used to feel the rhythm
We used to feel the power
Since we were together
Until this early hour

But how can love get wasted?
Tell me

There’s no reflection
Inn the mirror of the bath room
We lost connection
There’s no one before that mirror
We might lose the passion
We might lose our youth
We might need confession
We may tell no truth

But how can love get wasted?
Tell me

Love is the light
Love is endless flow
Love is the first class right
For each and every soul
Love is an angel’s voice
You can hear inside
It never comes or goes
‘cause love is out of time
and it’s always near

so, how can love get wasted?
Tell me


With the band FOJE:
"Mokykla" - 1985
"Geltoni Krantai" 1989
"Zodziai I Tyla" 1990
"Gali Skambeti Keistai" - 1991
"Kitoks Pasaulis" 1992
"Vandenyje" - 1993
"M-1" - 1994
"As Cia Esu" - 1994
"As Cia Esu 2" - 1994
"Tikras Garsas" - 1994
"Kai Perplauksi Upe" - 1995
"The Flowing River EP" - 1996
"1982" - 1996
"Vilnius. Kaunas. Klaipeda" - 1999
"Paveikslas" - 2002
"Kita Paveikslo Puse" - 2006

solo as
Andrius Mamontovas:
"Pabegimas" - 1995
"Tranzas" - 1996
"Siaures Naktis. Puse Penkiu" - 1998
"Mono Arba Stereo" - 1999
"Anapilis" - 2000
"Visi Langai Ziuri I Dangu" - 2000
"Cloudmaker" - 2001
"" - 2001
"O, Meile" - 2002
"Beribiam Danguje" - 2003
"Tadas Blinda" (musical) - 2004
"Saldi. Juoda. Naktis." - 2006
"Tyla" - 2006

Set List

I perform my own songs. the show is always around two hours. I sing in lithuanian and also have some material in english language.