Keswick, Ontario, CAN

Heavey Guitar Solos Or Heavey Rhythems with Crushing and melodic Vocals.


Cory Manahan is a 16 year old Guitar Player that has had a band for 3 years playing all around Ontario,Canada.
Manahan Consists of a 3 piece Metal band that is Cory Manahan - Vocals,Guitar,Ken Cormier - Drums,Kevin Whittaker
- bass,back up vocals.
Manahans Music Is very Unique And Special because the way that Cory Manahan Writes.
Cory Manahan Composes all Music And all Lyrics.
The Manahan E.P was Recorded By Cory Manahan,Mixed by Cory Manahan,Mastered by Pete Swann.



Written By: Cory Manahan

the shade of this life am given
the only thing that tears me down
the dark dusk of light
that blinds the right
the only one is given
the veil of the world could see
theres only one more obscure
the dimness is drowning me

the shadow of the light
one more time its gone

its only gloom in my head
the shelter is the one who cared
the shadows not forgotten
the trail of the death

The time is right now
there nothing left to seize
i cant beilveve the truth now
one more time is the key
the breath is forsakken
the life is no more now
i cant tell the light now
for once the myth is not a lie=

Manahan E.P Is Released