Manakas music merges harmonic sound vibration with prayerful lyrics that will uplift and inspire your spirit.


Manaka was born in San Diego, CA, on May 2, 1982. She spent most of her childhood in Seattle, WA, until about the age of 15, when she left home and started her path as a healer and musician. This is when she first picked up a guitar and started singing. When Manaka was 17, she moved to Kauai where she lived for over 5 years evolving on her musical path. Manaka started performing for the first time with a local Kauai Reggae band, Burning Bush, who she still performs with when on Kauai. With the help of real life experience, divine guidance, and support from friends, she has naturally taught herself how to sing and play guitar.
Manaka has toured & performed on stage with artists such as Shimshai and the Natural Mystique Ensemble, Burning Bush, Jah Levi and The Higher Reasoning, Lambsbread, Arjun and Gaurdians, Sasha Butterfly, Tina Malia, Satya Yuga, Shakina, Joules Graves, DJ Jahtta, and The One World Orchestra, a collective of vocalists and musicians including members of Hamsa Lila, Shimshai and the Natural Mystique Ensemble, Sasha Butterfly, Tina Malia, Shakina, and others. She has shared the stage with Dezarie, Mystic Reavelers, Hamsa Lila, Makana, THC, Ras Gabriel and 4-Word, Fanna Fi Allah, and others.
Manaka has also performed on Stage with various artists at the Raw Spirit Festival 2007 & 2008(AZ)Reggae on the River 2005(California), Earthdance 2003(CA), Hamony Festival 2005, 2007 & 2008(CA), Garlic Festival 2001 (WA), Seattle Hemp Festival 2004 & 2005(WA),Wahine Festival 2007 (Hawaii),Vashon Island Earth Festival 2003 (WA), Harbin Hot Springs (CA), & Various venues & festivals along the West Coast,Arizona & Hawaii.


Soul Remembrance

Written By: Manaka

Soul revival-
Soul survival-
Soul arrival-

We have now arrived
across the border line
of our hearts purification
the Earths healing station
How deep can we go
It's an ever lasting flow
to awaken our heart and soul
Soul Remembrance of how to live in love
No separation between any nation
(no fear of what's to come) x3

Spread your wings of faith
Flying through your deepest place
Arriving where you feel most safe
In the arms of divine grace

Divine Grace x3

Soul revival-
Soul survival-
Soul arrival-

The time has come
to gather all our teachings
and keep on reachin
toward that brightest star
that reaveals who we are~
Now look around you
I pray we all see through
this illusion of confusion,
all illusion of confusion
this illusion,all confusion!
For we are angelic warriors
receiving information
in all colors, of the rainbow
x4 Riding this wave called life

Soul revival-
Soul survival-
Soul arrival-

Soul revival,soul survival
soul arrival,soul revival
soul survival,soul arrival-
Soul Remembrance x4

Soul revival-
Soul survival-
Soul arrival-


Written By: Manaka

Chorus-Rockin to the rythem of thee ocean x4 Love....

Rebirth,rebirth cycles of thee Earth,
the rythem of our songs forever living on,
the constant lessons we all learn,
the harder they are the easier they may become.

and I send my roots deep in the Earth and
I say a prayer to the universe,
asking the most high
to guide I N I.....


The rythem of your womb sets my heart in full bloom
embracing,praising....your cleansing love.
Wash away my pain and healing I will gain,
In your holy waters,purified I remain.

I stretch forth my arms in devotiion,
life force heals in a sacred motion.
Don't feed the fire,let go of your fear,
open your hearts x3and healing you will gain!!!


Love Affirmation

Written By: Manaka

I am love, I am loved, I am loving. x3
We are love ,we are loved,we are loving.x3

I am love
universal light
opening up to do what's right
I am loved by the light
excepting I rather wrong or right
I am loving...

I am loving all the lightx3
for it guides our way to do what's right.

I am that I am I am the light holding love
I am that I am I am the light holding
I am that I am I am the light holding love
I am that I am I am the light holding
Love,holding love,holding love,holding love,love,love,love,love,love,love.....

I am love universal light x3
We are love universal lightx3


Shimshai- 001 I sense Your Presence 2001
Jah Levi- 002 So Jah Say 2005
Manaka- 003 Soul Remembrance 2007

Set List

100% original songs
Sets vary 1-3 hours depending
on the venue.