Manakin Cicada

Manakin Cicada


we sound like a mix of classic rock, jam band, ska, ... anywhere from alice in chains to oasis or our lady peace to sublime.. a good number of influences to be sure


Chris, John, Jonathan, and Tim jammed out one foggy March 8th, 2008 for the first time, in the sacred town of Norfolk, MA... thus Manakin Cicada was born.. well it was Ampersand, but that name was taken... here's to cicada season.. thou promise thy music shall grow...

Corsi has been playin the drums since he was a youngen and hails out of Norfolk, MA. Chris can play just about every instrument and is savvy with music production.

John H. is from Hyde Park and has been involved with a few different bands as a bassist and vocalist. John has also been skydiving.

Jonathan K. is from Dedham and is a product of a musical family. Growing up listening to his father John jam out, he has developed a great ability to add a uniqueness to our songs.

Tim Mac picked up the guitar in 2001 and began writing songs shortly there after. Tim has gigged in NYC and is also involved in the local music scene, having played at The Point in Boston, Napper Tandy's and Conrad's in Norwood, MA, and every other Friday at Beckett's in Walpole, MA. Tim currently resides in Norwood, MA.

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We have a four track demo cd completed in June '08 as well as live recordings.

Set List

The setlist features mostly original material with a few cover songs mixed in (anything from sublime, alice in chains to dave matthews or classic rock).

Our typical setlist would consist 10-12 orginals and 3-5 covers. Below are three of our song lyrics:

Shake it out on extreme land
Crazy enough to take my hand, case in point
Trying to feel, it’s only this moment that makes you real
Stumbling around drains you, and the lying that pains you
I’ve been trying to take you down, and your fear will be all around

Shake it out on extreme land
Crazy enough to take my hand, case in point
Trying to steal, it’s only the pain that you’ll feel
Stop staring over at me you’re like a freak in the mirror, high as can be
So much we say but now all the answers are clearer, there’s only one way in

Can’t chase this fire away….

This Rebellion will take you down
This Rebellion will shake you out, everybody wanna say?

I am gonna remo