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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Mosh Pit"

“If you're looking to have a great time out, I would definitely recommend seeing these five lunatics.” - John Kalinowski

"Fists Of Rage"

“With enough energy and electricity at their live shows to power Time Square in NYC, Manamana is a band that you don't want to miss. As if their driving, in your face Godsmack'esk rhythms and Iron Maiden harmonies along with intense vocal harmonies and thunderous beats wasn't enough to keep you grooving and glued to the stage, Manamana seems to turn any showgoer into a fan or as they call them; maniacs because that's what you will become after just a few minutes into their set.” - Fists Of Rage

"Shutter 16 Magazine"

“I wanted to go high-five everyone in the band for putting on such a blatantly fun show. This is one heavy metal party band that can deliver a good time that inspires people to get drunk and take their tops off while maintaining enough substance to entertain even the most sober of designated drivers. Every metal head who likes to party should check out Manamana at least once, if not once weekly.” - Amanda Caines


"The Prelude To Party On Wheels" EP with singles "Wrath", "Final Curtain", and "Southern Comfort"

"Party On Wheels" coming in 2013 full length LP



Manamana (Muh-Nah-Muh-Nah) is the embodiment of professionalism and musicianship combined with an electrifying live experience that won't be forgotten.

The band was founded in July of 2010 by Butch Bobcat, P. Shway, and Mr. Saturday Knight out of what was supposed to be a one off show. Three days before a bill on July 23rd that needed another band to open the show, they decided to put together a set comprised of songs that Butch Bobcat had written several years earlier. After just two practices, they took the stage with such intensity and energy that by the end of their set, the entire audience was in a state of euphoria and craving more. At that moment, Manamana was born and has since been dedicated to their fans in putting on a high energy, charismatic live show filled with addictively catchy music.

Manamana isn't your average rock band. Their music encompasses many different styles that range through blues, rock, alternative, and metal with lyrics that easily relate to the hardest of partiers as well as the soberest of designated drivers. All of their songs are composed of tight grooves and brilliant hooks that will keep the crowd captivated through their entire show.

Manamana has earned the respect of many artists, fans, and venues with their high level of professionalism as well as their dedication to the music scene. They are all great fans of music themselves and in that, they constantly strive to give their fans the best concert experience that they have ever had.

The Band is from Rock Hill, SC. Their mailing address is in Salisbury, NC.