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I’ve been dropping a lot of dance music on the site, but I thought it might be nice to change things up, so today I’m coming with a new track from the Baltimore-based folk outfit, Man&Dog. The band has a new EP out on November 28th entitled “Another State By Dawn”, and will be playing the Ottobar that evening to celebrate. I’m really impressed with the track, “All Day With No Rest” — great melody and some of the strongest lyrics I’ve heard from the folk/indie scene in a while — These guys are on my must watch list for sure….expecting big things. - Balstercase

"Man&Dog- "Another State By Dawn EP""

(TRANSLATION) The four guys Sean Mercer, Danny Townsend, Eric Piccirelli, and Danny Hollis from Baltimore, Maryland founded the Indie-Folk-ensemble Man&Dog in March this year. During my research I discovered a song from their new EP that I liked a lot. They kindly sent me their material so that I can not only announce their release but also their existence. Because so far their audience has consisted of more or less friends and family. Mostly they have been playing in New york and I think it is time for them to expand. The new EP is called 'Another State by Dawn' and is out on November 28th and you can buy it here. You can listen to the song 'All Day With No Rest' here on the blog. You should keep an eye on these guys. - Dashromaterial

"Man's Best Friend"

Sound wise, Man&Dog recall classic folk artists but take a more rhythmic approach. Songs like “Protest Song” find a catchy groove with a quick drumbeat paired up to syncopated vocal harmonies. Still a little more folk than rock, the music has a definite rustic feel, especially on songs like “A Boat’ll Abide” a sparer recording of just vocals and guitar. The band puts a lot of energy into its songs, giving listeners a different take on a music genre already subjected to a few reboots this decade. - The Diamondback

"From the Inbox"

Whenever you hear there’s a new band from Baltimore the first thing that springs to mind is the vision of the eclectic sounds being mined there by acts like Beach House and Dan Deacon. Well Man&Dog sound nothing like those acts, opting for a more folk oriented approach to their sound the band actually sounds like they’d be more comfortable in the Midwest than they are on the East Coast. That’s not to say they are out of place here, but they have a sound that is reminiscent of cold nights with haunting darkness provided by the trees blocking out the sunlight. It’s a rustic sound for sure but one that has the potential to grab you immediately if you are into that folky type vibe. - Poptarts Suck Toasted

"Show Review: An Die Musik 1/5/10"

There was a healthy buzz in the room for local folk quintet Man & Dog Monday night. Nearly every seat in the small Charles Street venue was filled. That in itself is impressive given that the band formed less than a year ago, and even more so when they took the stage with a charming, polished performance of their strikingly catchy and well-written songs. - Baltimore City Paper


Another State By Dawn EP



Formed in the spring of 2009, the indie-folk quintet Man&Dog tell stories of traveling, friends, and growing up in Baltimore.  After settling on the final line-up, they started to make a name for themselves, particularly by being a contestant in the Urban Outfitters "Your Band Here" contest.  After claiming a close second place, they began to write more songs, play more shows, and record an EP.  Man&Dog began traveling around the northeast once or twice a month and have began to create a fan base there.  There are many plans for touring in the future.  They released their first EP in November of 2009 when they opened for Bowerbirds. Man&Dog are now in the process of recording their second EP and are working on expanding the range of their music in the time to come.

Man&Dog have played with acts such as Bowerbirds, Danielson, Jason Anderson, Tim Fite, Adam Taylor, and Givers

2009 Urban Outfitters "Your Band Here" Competition Runner-Up
2010 MACRoCk Festival Selected Artist