Vocal harmonies swimming in and out of melodic guitar parts and a bass line to hold it together with the occasional drum kit and harmonica making their way into the catchy indie-folk portrait being painted. It will leave you whistling and humming all day long.


Formed in the spring of 2009, the indie-folk quintet Man&Dog tell stories of traveling, friends, and growing up in Baltimore.  After settling on the final line-up, they started to make a name for themselves, particularly by being a contestant in the Urban Outfitters "Your Band Here" contest.  After claiming a close second place, they began to write more songs, play more shows, and record an EP.  Man&Dog began traveling around the northeast once or twice a month and have began to create a fan base there.  There are many plans for touring in the future.  They released their first EP in November of 2009 when they opened for Bowerbirds. Man&Dog are now in the process of recording their second EP and are working on expanding the range of their music in the time to come.

Man&Dog have played with acts such as Bowerbirds, Danielson, Jason Anderson, Tim Fite, Adam Taylor, and Givers

2009 Urban Outfitters "Your Band Here" Competition Runner-Up
2010 MACRoCk Festival Selected Artist


Another State By Dawn EP

Set List

Sister Song
Dawn The Willow Sings
Protest Song
Ghosts (Slow)
All Day With No Rest
A Boat'll Abide
Wicker Basket
Ghosts (Fast)

Set is anywhere from 45-75 minutes, typically no covers. Anywhere from 7 to 12 original songs in a set.