Manatee Pipeline

Manatee Pipeline


Manatee Pipeline is a musical experience for all ages to enjoy. Joe Gibson and Dan Gaibel create a soulful harmony with their luxurious blend of global influences. Elements of African rhythms, Reggae, Brazilian and Cuban jazz tone up for an elegant and youthful sound.


Manatee Pipeline is a fusion of global influences in the hands of two American songwriters from Ithaca, New York. Formerly of the eclectic funk/rock band Monkmeat, Dan Gaibel and Joe Gibson now focus their musical energy on an acoustic approach to World Fusion.

Getting back to his classical guitar training, Dan applies musical styles of soukous music from the congo, Malian blues, reggae as well as Latin American folk music to the mellow tone of nylon string guitar. With the help of a looping device, he can weave intricate harmonic tapestries.

Joe brings lilting vocal melodies and clever bass to thoughtful songwriting. With a background in working with children, Manatee Pipeline provides an experience for all ages.

While there is no current permanent drummer in the group, MP plays with a variety of local percussionist/drummers to make sure that you keep your toes tapping. If you're a drummer and think that you want to swim with us, give us a shout.