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Manawi Thorn

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Rock Avant-garde


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"Manawi Thorn | Feed and Weep"

"Feed and Weep" Reviewed by
27 Feb 2010

“Feed and Weep,” the latest CD by the artistic group Manawi Thorn, is overflowing with dark and menacing songs of Metal/Punk Rock attitude. This group really knows how to tear it up with changing meters and hypnotic guitar licks. The track, “Jersey City Limits,” offers bellowing vocals and catchy guitar driven riffs that merge together with the solid drum beats. Feel the dynamic power on, “Changeling,” as the tempo starts slow then releases a burst of energy by the domination of the blaring guitars. Screaming vocals and the driving bass line gives “Narcoleptic Blues” an edgy feel while the guitars rip through the burning leads. If you like music that is rhythmically complex and runs full throttle with Metal/Punk Rock intensity, then you will enjoy the sinister songs of “Feed and Weep.”

-Diane and the Reviewer Team -


For Immediate Release
July 16, 2010
Brooklyn, New York


What compels four fully-grown men to pile into a creaky old Ford E-150 and travel a thousand miles?

Ask Brooklyn rock 4-piece Manawi Thorn.

Judging by the intensity of the band's live performance, they do it because music is the driving force of their lives. The combined ferocity of drummer Kalin Mintchev's syncopated double-bass attack, axeman Ian Roth's spiraling multi-layered leads, and the bludgeoning thunder of Jim Hoey on the low end lay a formidable foundation over which singer Josh Boyer expounds upon dark and strange themes with vocals leaping from whisper to growl to shriek – while Boyer himself leaps from table to table or swings from the rafters.

The band is touring in support of its self-released debut Feed and Weep (“Manawi Thorn is an incredibly capable band, and Feed and Weep shows that” - Max Sebela,, available on CDBaby, on ITunes, and at every show, and is road-testing new songs to be featured on its upcoming and as yet unnamed sophomore effort (recording underway).

Manawi Thorn’s music is influenced by disparate genres and groups, spanning from Schoenberg to the Jesus Lizard, from Harvey Milk to Queen, from Slint to Slayer. This cooperative and wholly unique blend is a main advantage and base for the band’s musical endeavors and how the music is created and performed.

In other words - that’s why it ROCKS so hard.

Manawi Thorn wraps up its July tour at the Buffalo Infringement Festival, playing Sugar City on July 25th following appearances at the Tritone (7/24, Philadelphia) and the All Call Inn (7/21, Trenton).


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"Manawi Thorn Press Release"

For Immediate Release
September 12, 2009
Brooklyn, New York.


Rock 4-piece Manawi Thorn is proud to present the band’s firstborn – Feed and Weep, an album of 12 songs written in the band’s infancy and tested extensively in the local and not so local underground scene. Self-produced and recorded with the help of Hugh Pool and Nathan Rosborough at Brooklyn ‘s own Excello Recording, the collection captures some of the most inspired moments of the bands’ unique brand of beautiful noise. Heavy and dangerous, loud and weird, gentle and dirty, the album is the auditory evidence of the band sifting through myriad impossible or perhaps statistically infrequent physical and mental realities to arrive at something that cannot be explained easily in a few sentences in a press kit. It has to be seen. Felt. Smelled. And tasted.

The best way to savor all Manawi Thorn represents - beyond listening to the album – is to witness a live performance. The impact is even more inspiring and motivational in person. It’s like seeing a small ugly animal that you know - and feel - is destined to be the pack leader and a mighty powerful force of nature, but its horns are still developing and its tail is still hairless. Just be warned - approach carefully, and if you are brave enough to try and pet it, avoid the head. You might lose a finger.

Manawi Thorn’s music is influenced by many different genres, musical and otherwise - the direct result of the very different and distinct musical (and otherwise) upbringings and origins of its members. This cooperative and wholly unique blend is a main advantage and base for the band’s musical endeavors and how the music is created and performed.

In other words - that’s why it ROCKS so hard.

Manawi Thorn is comprised of Ian (lead guitar), Kalin (drums), Josh (voices and rhythm guitar) and Jim (bass) and hails from Brooklyn, NY.


Rock Harder.

Manawi Thorn
- Manawi Thorn

"Manawi Thorn | Feed and Weep"

Manawi Thorn does not sound like a Brooklyn band. They don’t really sound like any band I’ve heard over the last few years, or really much like a band from the is refreshing to hear a band going back to the Melvins, Big Black, and the Jesus Lizard, and starting from there.

... a lot has to be said about Manawi Thorn’s ideas in Feed and Weep...Manawi Thorn is an incredibly capable band...

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VESTIGIAL WINGS EP (2012). the band's momentous first effort as a three-piece.

FEED AND WEEP (2009). debut full-length album



Manawi Thorn was formed by Ian Roth and Kalin Mintchev in 2007. The maddeningly talented duo remained the core of the band during various lineup changes: original vocalist Zach Prewitt bowed out after only a few months and was replaced by Josh "jsh"/"jingles" Boyer, a man with several nicknames but a singular determination to rock. Original bassist Jim Hoey appeared on the debut CD but parted ways with the band prior to its first nationwide tour in fall 2010, with Boyer taking up the slack on bass.

One expensive transmission rebuild and thousands of miles later, the band continues as a power trio and regularly appears at such events as the Buffalo Infringement Festival as well as gigs local and regional to the NYC area.