Manazma Sheen

Manazma Sheen


The concept of jungle/drum n bass music being performed live is what Manazma Sheen is all about. M.S. delivers a sure expolsion of infectious beats and thrives on crowd interaction and leaves no beat unturned.


Infectious bass lines, fast drum breaks and creative thought leads Manazma Sheen in the pursuit for the “ultimate groove”. The groove that keeps your body moving and replenishes your natural desire for catchy rhythms. This group aims for for the jungle/drum n bass sound which re sults in a whirlwind of funky patterns tastefully combined with electronic and acoustic backbeat. The visual performance of live electronica produced by this collective creates an atmosphere of high-energy drum n’ bass thatfails to end.
Manazma Sheen is led by programmer and drummer, Defos. He holds bachelors in percussion performance from Central Washington Universty, and played drumset for over fifteen years. Defos conceptualized the group after developing a passion for jungle/ 2003 after seeing DJ’s of this genre perform their craft at local shows in Seattle. Zacharia, a resident Seattle DJ quikly became a major influence as well as programmer and drummer, Kevin Sawka.

Set List

The band plays thier set how a club DJ would. From the first tune to the last, there are no breaks between. Of course there is some down time when the beat cuts out, then the crowd applauds and we continue with the next transition. Typically, the sets are one hour long, all original compositions, 90% jungle/drum n bass, 10% breakbeats and no covers.
-Song titles:Example 3, As Good As It Gets, 3 vs. 4, Hope, Example 9, C'mon People and Keep Up are some titles in our library.