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Man Born Blind

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"Man Born Blind" released 2006, Unsigned

Selected Songs:
Safety Net (2006) - included in the soundtrack to movie "the face of Joe the Killer"
Beyond Repair (2006) - top download on iTunes
Burnout (2005)
Overtime (2005) - clear channel airplay

"Man Born Blind" album Track by Track:

"Beyond Repair"
This song reflects the tension that's the result of being 'left high and dry' by the very people who try to trap and use you for their own end. It is a story of betrayal, love and self-doubt.

"Safety Net"
Life's a balancing act, and when you're walking that proverbial tight rope, it's reassuring to think there's someone who will be there to catch you when you fall.

It's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved. When relationships fail, we find ourselves wishing we could take both people back to the beginning where love was so fresh and vibrant.

There's a cruel injustice in the contrast between what we hate and what we want. Nowhere is this as apparent as it is in the corporate ladder of success.

"Close Another Door"
We all hurt the ones we love, intentionally or not. Sometimes those conflicts leave us feeling as though the only way to move forward in life is to close the door and move on.

"Easier to Run"
In our technologically connected world, it's easier to create pseudo-relationships, and when they're no longer fun, to just run away as if they never existed. A common theme in a society where life promises so much more than it can ever deliver.

This song represents a refusal to accept satisfaction in amenities and simple fascinations life has to offer. It's about choosing to not fit the status quo, rather, seeking the compassion and humility instead of the complacent or apathetic. It's about longing to be intrigued...



"We're about making music that people can relate to," says bassist, Jon Shores when asked to describe the music of Man Born Blind. "Sure, we hope it catches your attention because it sounds interesting to you, but we hope it's the lyrics that ultimately grip you."

According to Man Born Blind's many fans who have seen and heard them play, that very musical "consciousness" is what sets this group's music apart from their peers.

"We're an amalgamation of so many different influences, but ultimately, our songs are stories that that mean something to us and hopefully our listeners," says lead singer Nate Jackson. "We have been playing for well over a year now, and it's not so much about just us the band, but the people, and the power that connect has."

Man Born Blind came into existence in 2005 when singer Nate Jackson and guitarist Darrick Hurst met through mutual friends.

"We'd both played in a variety of different bands, all from different musical styles, and at that point, we were both sorta doing the 'solo-musician' thing," says Darrick. "Sometimes music is just something you do because you feel like you need to... Nate had these awesome ideas for songs, and I was experimenting with all kinds of different musical stuff, so we tried putting it all together, and it just worked."

At this point, Man Born Blind had no steady bass player, and the two knew if the group was ever to go anywhere, that'd have to change. In no time, Darrick was on the phone with Jon Shores, who he'd played in other bands with since high school.

"Ironically, right when I got the call, I was about ready to haul all the bass stuff over to the pawn shop... I figured my bass playing days were pretty much over, but then I get these guys calling me in for an audition outta the blue," says Jon.

Nate says the group "just clicked," and before they knew it, they were getting opportunities to open for big name acts like The Calling and Howie Day.

In early 2006, Man Born Blind completed its lineup with the addition of the versatile drummer, John Romano, whom Darrick and Jon had met at a BBQ.

"Though we all come from very different musical backgrounds, the thing that makes this work the thing we have in common is that we make music that means something to us," says drummer John Romano.

"The people we are inspired by the most are the revolutionaries," says Nate. "We look up to the people who've stood to make a difference not only in music, but the world around them."

Based in Albuquerque, NM, Man Born Blind has awed fans with not only their songs, but also their personable concerts and authentic live shows. Man Born Blind released their first self-titled recording in September 2006.