Ingredients for Mandalele: 3 worldly & wise sing-song women weaving together delicate string textures & heart-warming harmonies. Add in original compositions, stir in intricate harmonies & heart-felt instrumentals. Then turn the heat up, find the grooves to getchya dancin', let the magic boil over.


Mandalélé is a collaboration of three women singer/songwriters that weaves delicate textures which carry the audience on journeys from deep introspection and the beauty of nature to joyful expressions of life. Lorraine Duisit, long time member of Trapezoid, the internationally acclaimed group founded by Paul Reisler, "is a respected mandolinist and an enchanting lead singer; a writer of songs that sneak up out of old traditions and surprise you with new twists" (the Washington Post). Her music has been featured on All Things Considered, A Prairie Home Companion, and Voice of America. She has been published in Sing Out magazine, and has recorded and performed with Howard Levy, John McCutcheon, and Holly Near. One of her own releases, "Hawks and Herons", was reviewed by Billboard magazine "Ethereal vocals, acoustic instruments, and intriguing melodies that mix folk, jazz, pop, and other impressively original talent". Frances Miller, a passionate improvisationalist, whose main instruments are violin, viola, voice and hang drum, draws on her roots of extensive classical training, growing up in East Africa and her Mennonite background. She has recorded and performed with grammy-nominated cellist, David Darling, and is currently studying North Indian classical music. Other influences include Celtic, Cajun, Gypsy and music from Cape Verde. Frances has released 3 CD's and 1 movie soundtrack. She currently teaches music in the mountains of Virginia, facilitates a women's vocal group. She is a trained music facilitator (through Music for People and Village Music) for improvisational music events. She believes in the power of music to restore balance in individuals and community, to connect us with the earth and the raw elements of our lives. Wendi Sirat plays ukulele, various percussion, and dances hula (which she learns in Hawai'i, where she lives part time). She has created musical score and performed with A Thousand Faces (formerly Friends of Gaia), a masked theatre group, since 1991. She facilitates rhythm based events for children's programs, community groups, and woman's gatherings.


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Set List

All original set list contains such tracks as: Glimmer of Sun, Snowflake and Don't Say a Word.