Manda Rin

Manda Rin


Manda Rin was a vocalist/keyboardist in Scottish pop punk band Bis, who recorded music for Powerpuff Girls and sold over 100,000 records. Now flying solo, Manda's debut album was awarded 4 stars by The Guardian and NME said "The likes of Klaxons and CSS peddle sounds heavily indebted" to her.


Step back to 1996 and a cheery wee girl shouts her way through a song called ‘Kandy Pop’ on Top of the Pops. Roll on to 2008, and Manda Rin in finally set to unleash her debut solo material.

Along with the Clark brothers (AKA Sci-fi Steven & John Disco), that first Top of The Pops appearance went down in history, with Bis becoming the only “unsigned” band to appear on the legendary TV show.

Going on to sell over 100,000 albums in Japan, signing to the Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal label in the States, and soundtracking the popular Powerpuff Girls cartoon series, Bis finally called it a day in 2003.

Later re-emerging in the critically acclaimed outfits The Kitchen and Data Panik (also featuring her former Bis bandmates), plus a couple of Bis reunion shows last year, Manda recently guested on a couple of singles with Fife electro-popsters Juno.

She may be older and wiser than the Glasgow teenager who first made that TV appearance, but with her solo material she retains all the energy of her early Bis performances.

Continuing to dabble in disco-punk, but with a strong guitar pop edge, she claims her new direction is influenced by acts like The Gossip, CSS, New Young Pony Club, To My Boy, Blood Red Shoes and her new favourite band Late Of The Pier.

If the truth be known though, she’s been making this sort of music for over a decade now, so she’s more likely to have been inspired rather than influenced by the above. Manda Rin’s debut single ‘DNA’ paves the way perfectly for an album set to put her at the forefront of new music.

-Jim Gellatly (XFM Scotland)


Bad Things Happen To Bad People

Written By: Manda Rin

Recurring dream or irrational fear
A sudden rush but no energy here here
Pass in pass out for the instant success
Don’t live this life just go onto the next

Bad things happen to bad people x 3
So what are we free from?

You think a language that your head doesn’t know
We’re thrown together ‘cos we’ve lived this before
The evidence proving we don’t exist
A chain reaction that I don’t wanna miss

Chorus 2
Love/hate throws us together x 3
Won’t understand forever

Repeat chorus 1

The cycle stops and starts over again
We’re moving on but I never know when
Well who we are depends on what we think
And I think too much when I don’t have a drink

Guilty Pleasure

Written By: Manda Rin

Boys say go, girls say no
It’s all a part of the big stage show
We all get high and wonder why
It’s head to head and not toe to toe
The boys say go, girls say no
We want the truth, we want blow by blow
He still gets high, she wonders why
Will we start living again

If I go that way I’ll be a gift to treasure
I wanna stay but you’re a guilty pleasure
Go that way and I’m just made to measure
I wanna stay but you’re a guilty pleasure

Don’t go home all alone
Just call me up on the telephone
Situation that you’re facing
Just call me up, com on, set the tone
It’s desperate, I don’t trust fate
I can’t go on waiting for the call
So I get high and wonder why
Will we start living again

Do the Static

Written By: Manda Rin

Do the static
Boys and girls we gotta have it
See a chance and then you grab it
Why don’t you learn to do the static?
Do the static
Just slow down, drop the dynamic
Yeah you should do the static
Become an anomaly, a simple economy

Don’t let it take too long, too long
I got a bullet, it’s got my name on it
And now you’ve got it all wrong, all wrong
Get in the habit of doing the static

Do the static
I told you to stop the panic
There was life and then you had it
So come on and do the static

Do the static
Boys and girls we gotta have it
Yeah you should do the static
Become an anomaly, a fractured economy
You can have it (doing the static)


My DNA (album) released UK, USA and Japan.

UK - singles 'DNA' and 'Guilty Pleasure'

Set List

30-40 minutes total, featuring songs from my album (Typeface, Guilty Pleasure, Do The Static, The Word Out, DNA, Break-Up/Breakdown, Love To Hate You) and a cover of Be My Baby by the Ronettes.